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Node Red UI Alarm Panel for YET another take on an alarm system


Hy all,

I like YET another take on an alarm system for configuration, but it’s not alway works fine on my small tablet …

So i work on this project, a Node Red Alarm Panel, which take the config file from the original project (user/codes/alarmtime/locking…)



Alarm triggered:

This are the Images you need for the states … in my case the are safed under www/images/

unarmed armed_home armed_away alarm_triggered

Node Red Flow:
alarmpanel.yaml - rename it to .json for import in Node-RED

Feel free for use it.

YET another take on an alarm system

Quite interested in trying this but after importing into node red there are missing modules!
Also can supply a bit more info on using it ??




For the AlarmPanel you have to enable the MQTT section in YET.

For MQTT fix I use this version of the bwalarm.py [LINK](https://github.com/gazoscalvertos/Hass- Custom-Alarm/blob/3f9fd9e54d4ae740482ee178227c4a0c334fc83a/custom_components/alarm_control_panel/bwalarm.py) from Tyre88

Here is a Screenshot of the flow:

The most components are in Node RED included, but you will need to install node-red-dashboard.

After the import you must edit the following nodes for your install:

Home Assistant: AlarmPanel and Alam State
MQTT: home/alarm/set
Function: Global settings

If you have all configured, you can browse to your node-red install
https://:1880/ui/#!/0 -> there you will find the dashboard.


Thanks for the info


I have the flow imported and have changed the setting as per your instructions but I cannot browse the web interface.


hy @benmprojects

the problem is easy to solve … with one of the last updates HA get Node-Red with Ingress …
you have to add the port in the node-red container config, so that it will be able to connect



Thanks, I worked that out. I have changed the graphics and converted it to english. Do you mind if I post it?


that would be nice :smiley:


Ok Ill setup a github. Im trying to add an alert if the code is incorrect but not having much luck. IS this something you can help with?


what should the alert do?

  • trigger a image like the other state images?
  • trigger a mqtt message?
  • trigger a hassio state?
  • trigger a log event?

I have worked on it and now I can list the user who was enable/disable the alarm


Just a notification or image…


This look great.


Here is the github https://github.com/benmprojects/NodeRedUiAlarm


somthing like this?

the wrong pin state change back to original state after 8 seconds …


I have updatet your code with my changes … take a look on github …

ps: is my first github change … so i hope i did it the right way !?


Hi Manzn I have merged you code update and it looks good except i am receiving a Unexpected end of JSON input when I click on the Log Button. (I added a debug output when it didnt display)


jea i know … thats because the logging is not perfect …

I pull a new version with the latest corrections for the correct working of the logging (not included the problem with the unexpected end…)


Still receiving the same error. Can we read the alarm_logging.yaml from Yet another alarm panel?


Check out github I have merged another change. Log file now working. I am pulling from the alarm_logging.json file and sanitising the input to the table. Now just to get sensors…