Progress indicator when Restoring from Backup

I’m sure like me you have had to restore from backup at some point.
So the nerves are jangling and the fingers are crossed as you do it. At present there is no indication as to how the Restore is shaping up, no clue as to what’s going on behind the scenes be it good or bad.

It would be really useful to have some sort of simple indicator just to show how the restore is progressing - a comfort blanket for highly stressed HA users !

Would be good for all updates and restores, instead of the never-ending circle thing.

Don’t forget to vote for your own feature request… :wink:


Currently sat here wondering if my backup is restoring from the command line too - OK, i’ve got a flashing cursor but it would be wonderful to see something as simple as a counter incrementing or just some other form of ascii progress for reassurance…

Restores take forever, show us some love HA folk!


My backup was about 6Gb, took about 2 hours to restore after which all my add-ons would not start (took a full power down and restart before it was all good). I am totally with these guys: a progress indicator would be awesome. Maybe on the HA Observer?


I’ve just completed a simulated disaster recovery of my system - assuming that my mini PC has failed.

The lack of some kind of indication of how the restore process was going was a big problem. I chose to go for the restore at the initial welcome screen. When you restore here there isn’t even a spinning circle!

I think this lack of information led to some other problems. I gave up waiting and refreshed the web page. I was able to log in but not all my add-ons were present. Restoring these from the backup was still frustrating because I only had the spinning circle.

I’m glad I did this as a simulation when the house was empty. Without the knowledge I’ve gained I’d have been very anxious in the real situation.

Informative progress for backups and especially restores is essential.

Well. It’s actually worse. Even if you get access to the operating system itself and track the logging from the individual containers, it doesn’t show any progress at all. This is especially annoying when the backup contains a lot of data that needs to be unpacked on eMMC / SD. Which in my case was the only option since my nvme broke.

So there really needs to be some kind of progress indicator. The UX should definitely be the end goal, but I might expect it to be first available in the system logging.


This function would be amazing, several times I have had to restore my HA and it is very bad not to know when it has been restored, or if it is really being restored or not.

My backup occupies about 2gb and it takes more than half an hour to restore, I had many failed attempts until once I left it for hours, and then I discovered that it was really being restored…


This is silly, I opened a feature request on this yesterday with how unbelievably frustrating this is - and it was closed in favor of this one that is over a year old!



Honestly, 45 votes is not that much :frowning:

It is when it’s a 23MB file AND when there’s no indication of the status.

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I find it strange that this is not something that already came standard. The “may be it is finished or may be it is not” , is really frustrating. I don’t know if there is a problem with my system or it just isn’t finished updating. Right now I did a partial restore. no mention if it is done or anything. Same goes for installing add-ons, integrations, HACS, everything in this environment just leaves you guessing.

so am I supposed to wait till tomorrow to reboot and see if everything comes back up? What am I supposed to do?

I wish I knew more programing to actually do something about it… any suggestions as to where to start?

Here is something similar to what we want, but looks like it went no where.

Yes !, well, no, vote it up ! tell your friends ! get it to the top of the feature request list and we might get lucky !

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It will be very useful to have the ability to monitor the status from the haos as well. And Voting 1000%. Disaster recovery become stressful without progress.


maybe we can get a HA youtuber to cover it


Good plan !
Lewis from Everything Smart Home
Ed from Smart Home Junkie
Kiril from Automate Like Pro
To name but 3 !

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I guess our job now it to make enough noise in the comments section on those channels to get some recognition.


Currently looking at a rotating circle for 2 hours with a backup of 6gb. No clue how it is going. A status bar would be very welcome add my current stress rate. :sweat_smile:


I feel your pain ! I had to do a restore myself this week due to a faulty release of Node-Red. Set it going and used the Load Monitor of my Linux HA Server to try and guess if it was actually doing anything. Not ideal !!

Beyond a progress indicator do we know WHY it takes so long to restore?
I’m currently trying to move from a raspberry Pi to Proxmox on a NUC and run a test restore…
So far 2h50 in and nothing, if I look on proxmox the VM is doing pretty much squat of any sorts.