Quick Look Mobile Dashboard

Quick Look Mobile

Step-by-Step Video


Here is my Home Assistant Quick Look Mobile Dashboard

You can also test it on your Figma Mobile App.

It was inspired by the Future prototype of Home Assistant which truly amazed me when I first saw it demonstrated live.

My main goal here was to create a custom and user-friendly minimalistic interface that makes all controls easily accessible and allows any beginner to advanced users to understand their whole home systems at a glance.

Enjoy !



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looks nice!!

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Nice! Curious how your yaml equivalent looks like.

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Thanks Matthias, i’ll try to publish the equivalent yaml dashboard this week :+1:


yaml files are available here with a step-by-step video tutorial.


Nice job on the dashboards! Could not find you on Git though.

Oh, it looks like i forgot to make this repo public but it should be fixed now, try again :wink:

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Awesome job ! :hugs: It looks clear and simple on my setup

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Looks great and I have tried to get it working on my HA setup but I’m having issues. Is it best to post/discuss issues here or on your github for this project?

Hi jata, for better tracking and organization, it would be best to post your issue in the “issues” section of my GitHub project. This will help others who might encounter similar problems as well. Looking forward to helping you resolve your issue!

Thanks @neilimixamo - with your help it is working now

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Hello. Trying to set this up, but getting error.

null is not an object (evaluating t.config)

Update: Fixed. I needed to do a Empty Cache and Hard Reload and not just a hard reload in browser.

Hello. This is the first time using the Browser Mod integration. You mentioned in the video to hide the header up top to with the mobile browser id. I am able to just that. However, when I am not connected to my home wifi (4G), the header is displayed again.

I am not able to view the browser mod settings any longer via the left panel. It is just a blank page. The browser mod only works when connected to the home wifi network HA is connected too?

Hi duceduc, this is because the Browser Mod gives two separate IDs to a single phone; one is for local browsing via WiFi, the other is for external browsing using 4G. To successfully hide the header on both of them, it’s important to consider your phone as two unique devices, each needing to be identified in Browser Mod. Should you encounter a blank page on the Browser Mod, a hard refresh could resolve the issue. :wink:

a hard refresh could resolve the issue.

You are referring to resetting the cache within the companion app, debugging window correct??

Arg. I have tried so many times and different variations. I can’t get Browser Mod to load in 4G. Wifi no issue loading. I am on ios.

Hey man. This looks pretty cool. Will give it a shot as soon as I have the time for it. But one thing, how about a dark mode? Guess it’s not only me who would love that :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely, implementing a dark mode would be a valuable addition. I’ll begin to gather and organize all the colors, ensuring they have appropriate alternatives for the dark mode. I appreciate this suggestion and I’m excited to explore and integrate this feature. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your replay. Good, i’m looking forward to it. Keep up the good wrok! Will give it a try this evening / night :slight_smile:

Dark Theme is coming soon