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Greetings everyone,

I’ve created few addons and maybe someone else will be interested in them. All images except AppDaemon (because I think it’s for test purposes only right now) are built now.

To add to your installation, follow these instructions and add the repository

SmartThings MQQT bridge
AppDaemon with HaDashboard v2 – this was show stopper for my migration towards I’m sure @aimc will release official addon at some point, but I simply couldn’t wait :slight_smile:
ps4waker – ps4waker REST implementation (for PS4 media-player)
DeviceLocator – simple service which will return IP of caller. Useful if you want to change UI depending on what device is used. You can copy hosts data from DHCP plugin if you need name as well as ip.
ConfigWatcher – git sync config folder and do restarts if required.


I was planning to take a look at this soon, but I’ll definitely take a look at what you’re did and maybe enlist your help with the official version :slight_smile:


You can use travis to build and publish your images. I have written a small how-to here

Yeah, I saw your travis builds, really cool idea, didn’t have time to setup everything yet. Need to finish transition towards hassio first :slight_smile: Unfortunately taking much longer than anticipated.

I’ve added another add-on which will be interesting only to people with PS4 :slight_smile: It’s based on awesome component by @hmn only difference that instead direct calls to ps4-waker (which is not available in main container) it will perform REST calls to this add-on. Which is essentially simple REST-wrapper around ps4-waker.

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And another addon which will synchronize your config folder using git and perform restart of hass/other add-ons if required.

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I have moved over from hassbian to hassio and am trying to get ps4-waker up and running. If I understand the instructions for third party addons, I should just enter into the Add-on repositories and hit Save, but nothing is happening when I do that. Is there something different I need to do?

no, just enter:
and hit save

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Thanks I will give that a try. I wasn’t sure if that would add a lot of addons that I didn’t need from that repository

Not working for me unfortunately. I am receiving the following error;

2017-07-26 16:39:56 ERROR (SyncWorker_7) [custom_components.media_player.ps4] Command failed: ps4-waker -c /config/.ps4-wake.credentials.json -d -t 5000 search

Any ideas?

You’re using original ps4waker component. Use one from the repo

Original PS4 component requires nodejs package to work. This small addon will run REST-wrapper around ps4-waker and serve it’s data to slighly changed PS4 component (hass/custom_components folder).

Thanks for getting back to me. I did copy my old files over from my previous hassbian install and I did wonder whether that may be causing an issue.

I have deleted all the ps4 files I copied over and have installed your addon. Now after restarting hassio there is no media player present at all. Before it was there, but nothing happened when I clicked the power button. I think I am not quite understanding the instructions on github regarding what I need to do once I have installed the addon.

What do I put in my configuration.yaml? Should the files from your github repository now be in my addons folder? I don’t have a folder called hass/custom_components so that confuses me. The folders I have are Config, Addons, Backup and Share. I assumed custom_components would be located under Config as it was in hassbian. Do I create that folder or should it create itself?

Sorry probably a lot of questions most people will know the answer to, but I am only a week into using home assistant.


No problem. So you just need to take this file and put in under your /config/custom_components/media_player folder. The same you had before, but this implementation has changes to use hassio addon instead of direct calls to the ps4waker cli.
Configuration is simple

- platform: ps4
  host: http://YOUR_HASSIO_IP:3031
  ps4_ip: PS4_IP
  name: PlayStation 4
  local_store: games

Then through addon UI configure credentials for your PS4 (creds file you should have from your previous install)

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I’m trying to use your ps4 add-on (v 0.0.2).
I’m sure my credentials and ps4 custom-component are correct, but I’m getting the following message: “Login error: PASSCODE_IS_NEEDED” in add-on log.

Update: I modified server.js to not use the credentials from options. Instead, i‘m using the default credentials location by removing every location/path of the credentials in server.js. It works now.

Thanks again for your time helping me with this, I have it working now. I followed the instructions and after coming across a couple of issues I managed to work through them. One thing I managed to figure out which may catch out other people is changing the port to 3031 in the addon UI under Options. It was set as 3030.

The only thing which is not working is the images when starting a game or netflix etc. The ps4-games.json file is being created in my config folder, but the images are not loading automatically like they were last time.


I just followed the instructions from tillmannschatz and vkorn above and it has worked. If you have a .ps4-wake.credentials.json file, open it up and make sure you copy the long code after “user-credential”: and paste it where it says “your credentials” in the addon UI (see below image). Also change the port to 3031, which is what I forgot to do initially and hit save.

Thank, forgot that port has being changed in my own config :slight_smile:
I’m using local_store in my config, which makes plugin to look for images in my local www/ folder. You can choose to use default repo to download pictures. Check original ps4 plugin for configuration options.

I’ve been looking for a while and trying a few things, but can’t figure it out. Hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge than I have will have the solution to automatically get the game images to load. I am getting one error when I check the log, but am unsure if its related.

ERROR (SyncWorker_10) [custom_components.media_player.ps4] gamesmap json file could not be loaded, the JSON object must be str, bytes or bytearray, not 'Response'

Sorry, not sure I’m following why do you need addon for pyvizio?

I installed the ps4 component on (Raspberry pi3) with this option:

“port”: 3031,
“devices”: [
“client_type”: “i”,
“auth_type”: “C”,
“credentials”: “credentialsexample”

I Can’t start or stanby my ps4 from the media player. When I try on my mac works fine with the same credentials.
When the ps4 is on I see the title of the active game.

Here my logs:

starting version 3.2.2
Listening on

Thank you