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I will have a look at it.

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I think I may have found it, isn’t it because i’m using a scene (scene.kids_bathroom_bright)? I’ve just switched to just the kids light entity and will check whether that does it :slight_smile:


Because you have selected a scene to be turned ON and you would like it to be turned OFF after the time delay, then you must create a scene or a script with everything OFF and enter in ‘Scenes - Scripts To Turn OFF’.

Also see ‘Scenes & Scripts - Toggle Helper

Edit: Looks like you found it.

Blacky :smiley:

No you found it ! :slight_smile: thank you for your quick replies and for pointing me to the right direction!!!


I can’t reproduce this error but I have seen a condition that may be the cause. I am going to do an update now to version 6.3 that should fix this. Would you be so kind to update the blueprint once it has been released and let me know it I got the error.


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New update 6.3

Your lighting experience, your way – take control and customize it to perfection! :bulb::sparkles:

Bugs Fixes :bug:

  • Fixed bug in a condition that relates to dynamic lighting. Even if you don’t use dynamic lighting you still may receive an error in your logs.

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Blacky :grinning:

Will do! Thanks for investigating.

I LOVE this blueprint, thank you so much for your time and effort!

How hard would it be to add the possibility of using the ‘retry’ service call?

Retry Service (HACS)

The retry service is just another service call that you place before an action, it then retries the service call that follow it.


Thanks for your kind words.

If you are trying to turn OFF a scene or a script there is an option for this.

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ah excellent, i did see scene/script options there but didnt even consider that as an option.

Thanks heaps, ill give it a whirl!

Hi @Blacky,
is the limit lowered in 6.3 already? Would love to see it working :blush:


Not yet, could you give me an example of why you are using dynamic at nighttime?

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Sure! (Maybe I’m also using it wrong :smiley: )
I have a presence sensor in my kitchen. I want the lights turn on in the afternoon (when it’s getting a little darker) and then getting brighter the darker it gets.
However, if it’s after 10 PM, I go to sleep. If I then go the kitchen for a midnight snack, I don’t want to be screamed at by the lights :rofl:
My first try therefore was to ignore dynamic lighting in the evening, but use it when it’s really dark (sun elevation based).

Okay this id dynamic lighting. At -10 sun elevation it will be inactive but it will / should be dark. Your ‘Min Brightness Value’ will be applied.

Then enable night lights and set a night light time condition for 10pm or 11pm to X am. Then set your lights to a % that you would like when you get up for a midnight snack it could be 10% brightness.

This is how it is designed to handle what you are trying to do. You then wont be screamed at by the lights.

Hope this helps you and let us know how you go.

Blacky :smiley:

First of all thanks for elaborating!
One question for the night light. I have used it in the past and the lights were on the whole night. Was this an error by me, so normally it is, as the other triggers, a feature to switch the light on by a trigger, just with a different brightness?

Night lights work with the same trigger for normal lights. It just has a separate set of settings so you can have softer lights come ON for exactly for what you are trying to do. The lights should turn ON and OFF with the trigger + nigh lights time delay.

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thx for the amazing script!
suggestion: hide all inactive/unused settings under a dropdown menu or sorts? for less scrolling and more outline overview


Thanks for you kind words.

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Hi. Thanks for the blueprint. Very useful.

I am trying to implement a use case where a light triggers and then, even if the sensor is still active, it automatically turns off after a time delay. The use case is that I have a door sensor turning on a closet light and my kids will leave the door open when they leave the room. So, if the door is open for longer that some period of time, I want the automation to turn off the light.

I tried the bypass settings as my thought was to use the auto-off function and timer but that doesn’t seem to work. I assume this has to be a pretty common use case so hopefully it is a straightforward implementation.

So looking at your other blueprints I see that you have the run on timer blueprint. So for a simple use case I highlight above you would have two automations. The sensor light to turn the light on and off using the door sensor, and a timeout automation using the run on timer that was triggered when the light comes on.

I did this flow and it almost does what I want. I have this automation running on a different platform from home assistant and for the logic I built there the timer to turn off the light starts the countdown when the door sensor is open. Then if the timer expires while the door is still open it will turn off the light. The use case that isn’t implemented in the home assistant example is if I manually turn the light back on, the timer will start again. Ideally what I want to implement is that the timer doesn’t start again until the door sensor changes start from closed to open. This allows me to handle a use case where I am doing something in the closet longer than normal and the light turns off. I can turn the light back on manually and if I do that, the timer doesn’t start again.


Hi Ross, I have another blueprint that does this + some. I will release it so keep an eye out for it.

EDIT: New blueprint Click Here

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