Setting color temperature of IKEA Floalt panels

Hi, the IKEA Floalt panels supports three different color temperatures.

I can change between the three using the temperature slider in the HA UI.

However, I have not manager to set the temperature using a scene. Here is my attempt:

- name: linus temp morning
      color_temp: 153

- name: linus temp day
      color_temp: 322

- name: linus temp evening
      color_temp: 500

None of these works. Anyone have managed to get this to work?

I came here with this exact question. I have a Floalt panel and the Trådfri remote — no hub. Thanks to IKEA Floalt with ZHA I have successfully paired both with my Zigbee USB controller, and can make automations that respond to button presses. I’ve configured the main button to toggle the light on/off, and the up and down buttons to adjust the brightness. However, the only options for actions are: off, on, toggle, increase brightness, decrease brightness, and flash. How do I set the color temperature?

I added the light to a dashboard, and there I can set color temperature, as well as change brightness level directly, rather than just going in steps up and down. How can I do this in an automation?

Hi guys!

I invested much time in getting all the things working in the way they should work.

First, let me try to explain what IKEA does with their hub:

You pair the light and the remote with hub. Then you pair the remote directly to the light. This has the advantage that the hub hasn‘t to be online and you are still able to control the light using the remote. If you bind the remote directly to the light you are able to turn the light on/off and set the brightness. The IKEA lights have stored 3 scenes on them, and the remotes can switch between those scenes using the left/right buttons. This is the color temperature you already mentioned, but there is a special ZigBee group involved to be able to do that.

In the best case you don‘t need any automations to achive that and you don‘t need the hub (ZigBee controller) to be online.

I tried all this with ZHA, but i only got the on/off and brightness up/down working.

So i switched to Zigbee2MQTT and got everything working in the same way IKEA does it.

To summarize:

1.) Dont use automations to control a IKEA light with a IKEA remote, for that purpose directly bind the remote to the light.

2.) If you just want to turn the lights on/off and change the brightness, you can achive that with ZHA and direct binding (remote to light).

3.) If you also want to circle between the scenes (color temperature) then you should probably switch to Zibgee2MQTT.

Let me know if i can help further.


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Okay, thanks! I’ll look into Zigbee2MQTT.

I do want to automate the color temperature… my eventual plan is to actually use the remote’s side-to-side buttons for something else (maybe change which panel is being controlled?), and have the color temperature change based on time of day.

It’s weird to me that the Light card has the slider which works but I can’t find a way to do it directly. If you don’t mind some newbie questions — What’s going on there? How does the Light card work?

If you change the color temperature with the slider, ZHA sends the new color temperature directly to the light.

IKEA uses a special ZigBee group with their hub. If you push the left/right button on the remote, the remote circles between the stored scenes (3 scenes) on the light. Those 3 scenes are predefined color temperatures.

What you can do with an automation is to just send a specific color temperature on right/left click. But that is not exactly what IKEA does :slight_smile:


I actually found ZHA - IKEA TRADFRI - 5 Button Remote - Warm White Lights — which made it really easy to set up the remote basically the same as the direct functionality. (Although setting the white balance is a bit slow… but that shouldn’t matter if I can figure the rest out…)

Sending a specific color temperature sounds perfect — I want to basically do that every half hour over the course of the day. Is that something I can do with the GUI automation creator?

I can update the blueprint to give you control over the speed in which it updates. If you’de like.

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If you want to auto adjust the color temp based on the time of day, why not go with the Circadian or Flux method?


Also, I’ve recently created this blueprint at the request of someone, I can do the same for color temp presets. Anyway… let me know if I can help out.

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Wow, yeah, thanks! Circadian looks like just what I need.

I think probably what I want is to use that for the color, and use the two arrow switches just as on/off toggles for other room lights (or maybe room scenes… I haven’t figured out exactly what I want yet). Thanks for the offer of help!

I also used Circadian and Flux, there is a more recent version to automatically adjust brightness and temperature.

Adaptive Lightning is what you want :slight_smile:


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