SOLVED! - Almost: Upgrading to 0.91.4 - DON'T do it and don't upgrade Node-red and Configurator

So you’re saying they released Ingress in 0.91.0 yet its documentation states it needs a minimum of 0.91.3 to work?

I questioned that and actually the bugs were fixed in 0.91.4. 0.91.0 was apparently very buggy.

So, they left the confused users broken

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I think they need to add a “feature” to the Release Notes mentioning known issues.
We still see new threads about the cog that went missing in 0.91.0

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So… it’s only not working in one browser, on one device? And you’ve tried clearing your cache in Chrome?

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That’s a good idea. I think putting the known issues out there would hopefully help somewhat, because yeah, we are still seeing a lot of threads about things like the settings cog and sometimes it’s hard to surface the exact issue you’re having just by doing a search on here. That being said, I don’t think it would eliminate the issue of multiple threads entirely, as we still see lots of “I upgraded and it broke XYZ” threads from people who didn’t read the breaking changes.

Ok but cleaning cache - hm why ? I didn’t clean it on the other device (my poor logic) - I saw node-red once yesterday on my PC. Do you know what I will lose by clearing the Cache?

You won’t lose much by clearing cache, websites might load slightly slower for a bit compared to before because the cached data is gone, but that won’t last long.

May not have been an issue on the other device or browser because you didn’t have the old data pre-upgrade cached.

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The Chrome browser is really bad at using cached settings. One upgrade a while ago I did not realize HA was broken until I tried with my iPhone because Chrome happily used the cached missing pieces.


Ok Cache cleaned (300 MB)

It worked!!!

Generally speaking, I love the fast pace development of HA, and agree with the “read the breaking changes before updating” philosophy. However, in this case, if Ingress was mentioned in the release notes I initially overlooked it, or at least overlooked its significance. I think this was a huge change, and should have been discussed in more depth. The first thing I saw was a very brief “added Ingress” type statement that didn’t come close to emphasizing the significance of the change. It probably should have been at the top of the release blog post, with a detailed explanation, not a one-line mention in the change list.

I’m really glad I was too busy in the last two weeks to update, otherwise I’m sure I’d be in the same boat as those having trouble. I can now do so more carefully and with more research.

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Wow… I’m sorry about the node red bugs in ingress and do my best to spent tons of time in that addon to make it perfect for you guys and worst part is… I don’t even get to use it myself. Simply no time left.

If you don’t like ingress, use node red directly, if you don’t like the addon uninstall it.

It are flaming and totally none-constructive threads like this that makes donating and contributing developers leaving opensource projects.

So thank you so much for all these helpful and kind words.

Good luck.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I, for one love the work you’ve done. Frankly, without your plugins I’m not sure I’d be using HA nearly as much as I do. So please, please, please, continue :slight_smile:

I’m glad to know that my accused “Trolling title” helped you and saved you from wasting time on this.

I really think Hassio have lots of possibilities - but common users will run away screaming if “customer experience awareness” is not taken into consideration. And then hassio will end as a small island of only “nerds-extremes” .

You guys should say thank you and that’s it. The platform is free open source, so no one owes you nothing. When you go into public free software in developpement what else can you expect.

Support the devs don’t put them down without them you have nothing but disconnected devices

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Yes we can use it or lose it.

But from a behaviorist point of view my hiccups can either improve usability or not.

iFrame add-ons stopped working from side panel is a “major” issue don’t you think?

We are now waiting 0.92 with patient.

One golden rule i’ve learned developing technologie over the years is simple never use your development machine or code in live environment. So i have one system that i use in my home that i will update only after i tested and tried all on my development system. This way no issue becomes major or gives you the frustration of having your wife complaining

All add-ons that I’ve had released have gotten a new major version number. My add-ons follow semver versioning standards, which means that major version number are used for breaking changes. So yes, a breaking change.

Moving forward sometimes means things change, no matter open source or commercial software, change means… well new future possibilities.

Nevertheless, it is about the attitude you approach this. Since well, there is no issue, just a lack of patience, quite a bit disrespect and lack of effort to actually learn what is going on.

Let me give you a 2 second, concrete and fast answer to your “issue”.

Go into the add-on panel, set a port in the “Network” section like in this screenshot:

Hit “SAVE” and next “RESTART” to restart the add-on.
Your iFrame will now work as before.

You are welcome. Next time, maybe you could try a different approach.


Wow - I will definitively see if that i possible to setup somehow (SSL and DuckDNS and everything).

I felt like I had a locked running and driving car and no keys.

Thank you Frenck. That’s exactly what I needed.

Yes, I agree that there’s pieces of the documentation that could use some cleaning up for new users, but there’s always places to go if you’re stuck or unsure what to do.

That’s the GREAT THING about the HA Documentation. It requires ZERO programming knowledge to help update it. I would encourage the OP, who writes well, to submit a PR to the doc repo and add the things he felt were missing.

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