[solved, sort of] ZHA IKEA remotes not pairing properly or not working after pairing

Hi folks,

I’m a bit stumped, because from all I can read on here the IKEA remotes are working pretty well for other people, but I seem to have nothing but trouble with them.

I’m running ZHA on a RPi 3 with a CC2652 USB dongle. I’ve got a number of remotes that work like a charm when paired to the IKEA gateway, but when I try to add them to my ZHA setup, it seems like they get stuck in the “configuring” stage half of the time. And even when I get past that, I never seem to be able to get the remotes to work in my automations. I’ve tried listening for zha_event events in the developer tools, but I don’t see any events firing.
This just seems to be an issue with remotes, I can get both trådfri bulbs and the motion sensor to work just fine.
Any ideas on how to debug or even fix this issue?

Yeah. I had this problem too, and got very frustrated. It seems that there is some problem with ZHA and these devices. I finally bit the bullet and switched to zigbee2mqtt, and that solved it.

See Sonoff Zigbee USB Dongle not working with IKEA Tradfri buttons (but it’s not actually Sonoff-specific.)

That’s a valuable tip to try before converting all of the house from the Ikea gateway to ZHA. I’ll give this a shot and report back.

Also: IKEA Tradfri - Batteries in the remote controls are quickly discharged

Zigbee2mqtt is the way to go forward :wink:

Partial success, I guess. The on/off/dimmer button seems to at least work for on/off. No luck with the 5-button remote. I can pair it, but afterwards it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. If I watch for zigbee2mqtt events in mosquitto, there’s nothing looking like the 5 button remote sending any updates.

Hmmm. For what it’s worth, the 5-button works fine for me. I literally just now pushed a button on mine. :slight_smile: Did it apparently pair completely successfully?

I guess there was something stuck between the zigbee dongle and the system. At some point during my experimentation the system became completely unresponsive, and after pulling the power plug and restarting, the remote and one of the Aqara sensors that were both giving me trouble before paired and now function fine.

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So I guess solution: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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