IKEA Tradfri - Batteries in the remote controls are quickly discharged

For several weeks I have had a problem with batteries that power IKEA Tradfri remote controls. New batteries discharge only after a few days and the remote controls stop working. All devices work in a small apartment, I did not change their position and previously I did not have such problems (I have been using this equipment for almost 2 years). Could this be caused by incorrect configuration in HA? I will be grateful for your help.


hi, old topic, but I believe that I have the same problem.
Did you solve it?

Hypothesis, maybe if home assistant didn’t poll the remotes all the time to ask for battery life, just maybe, the battery might last longer. Someone knows a way to disable this?

Is it just the battery Ikea provides?

After I replaced the first battery from Ikea with a descent battery, the battery lasts.


I could not solve this problem and IKEA replaced my switch with a new one.

I set the battery status update once a day but it didn’t help.

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experiencing very quick battery depletion here also. brand of battery doesn’t really matter, though the ikea ones are quickest… :wink:

maybe @ggravlingen would know if this is a HA matter polling the sensors, or simply an Ikea affair?


You may be able to disable the polling of the remotes altogether if you disable the remote entities. :slight_smile:

Were you able to somehow figure this problem out? I put a new button battery during the day and next morning the remote is dead :frowning:

Many Ikea devices have poor quality control. Return it for a new one.

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Same problem here… sonoff gateway with ZHA as coordinator

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I thought maybe some chance it’s the pairing outside of the Tradfri gateway but reviews on IKEA website seem to indicate it’s common issue.

I had the same problem with ZHA. I solved it by adding the remote via add devices by a lamp not over the coordinator.

I have same issues with both IKEA controllers (TRADFRI on/off switch; SYMFONISK Sound Controller) with ZHA integration. I am using Sonoff Zigbee/Tasmota controller. The maximum battery life was 1 week! (tried cca 5 CR2032 brand…)
I would really appreciate if somebody could help.

Hi all,
Same issue here I’ve been testing to IKEA remotes Tradfri E1810 with 5 buttons and E1743 with on/off.

With HA batteries from IKEA, Sony, Panasonic, Varta and generic last one day.
Now im trying with Aeotec Smarthings Hub, since they seem to last a little bit longer.

Will update when the batteries die :wink:

Just for testing im waiting on a Xiaomi remote to compare.

Happy 2021 to all around.


Mine have been running for 2 years and I’m only now needing to change some batteries.
Are you using zha or deconz?

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I use a 2 button-IKEA switch with Zigbee2MQTT.
I have to change the battery every 2 months which is really strange because I use the switch 2 or 3 times a day.
And I can see in Zigbee2MQTT logs that this module barely ever speak with the zigbee controler, sometimes it does not communicate for 12 hours. It is located close to a router.

I have also a 5-button remote which does have the same issue.

I have a spare 2-button switch that I’ve never used. I will maybe try to see if it has the same behavior.

zha with POPP ZB-Shield


Hi Sam,

What setup are you using?

I’m using them with a conbee 2 and deconz add-on.
I created a blueprint to catch the events from the remotes.

I’m “happy” to see other people are having this issue. I just set up a switch and the sound controller and both are dying VERY quickly (24 hours or so). I like these switches but they aren’t work new batteries every single day.

I’m using ZHA with the ZBBridge flashed to Tasmota. Anyone know how to work around this or prevent them from dying so quickly?

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Hi all,
After switching from,
zha with POPP ZB-Shield

To Conbee 2 USB and dconz I can confirm battery life extension, still 100% on all remotes until today.

Also I opened a ticket with POPP to check on this, waiting still…

I would keep this thread posted for progress.


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