Tado integration - Add Support for tado X devices

Hi there,

I am using the tado integration a while.

Now tado has announced the new product line tado X connected via Matter over Thread. As a product tester, I already own the new radiator thermostat and the room thermostat. Yesterday I activated one of the smart radiator thermostats, but unfortunately it is not shown in the tado integration.

Connecting the thermostat via Matter is very limited, as the auto-mode for example is not usable. The device is identified as VA04, and also shown via the web app, but is not included in the new tado account, I have connected to Home Assistant.

Would it be possible to include those new devices into the tado integration? As soon as I have activated the smart room thermostat X, I could add the Hardware ID for it. If you need someone for testing with the new devices, I would of course like to help to integrate those new devices.


Best regards