Working USB enclosures and adapters with HassOS

I thought I’d start this wiki to allow people to add details on what works, and what does not.

Known Good

These are adapters that work without “out of the box”

  • Details to go here

Known Problematic

These are adapters that don’t work by default, but can be made to work

Known Bad

These adapters don’t work, and don’t appear to be able to be made to work

  • Details to go here

quick note on the Sabrent, I am not sure how to implement the fix in HassOS since it uses U-Boot and I don’t know if that uses the cmdline.txt noted in the fix. This fix was for Raspberry OS booting from SSD, HomeAssistant in my scenario core container which was way down stream of issue. So definitely problematic!

I have been up and running since the release of DEV build 5.0 a week ago and am using a Kingston A400 120GB SSD and Startech USB 3.0 to 2.5" SATA cable w/UASP.
I have noticed the Pi4 CPU Frequency fluctuating quite a bit (random drops in freq, trying to sort it out) but running smooth overall and doesn’t seem to impact the performance. It is in a Canakit case with fan and the temp averages 43-45C household temp is about 22C.

EDIT: Update to 113.3 appeared to smooth the Frequency fluctuation.

I needed a new sd card since one of mine bit it. A guy was selling pny 120gb ssd’s for $8 a pop on eBay so I picked one of those up instead. I also grabbed a startech cable on Amazon. Even if the ssd turns out to be poop, I’m willing to roll the dice for $8.

I’ll dive into the ssd boot deep end when it arrives.