Z-Wave JS Server version is incompatible after 2022.5 update

Hello, after the update to 2022.5, it does not show any of my Z-Wave devices. I can see them in the Z-Wave JS control panel but not on my pages.

When I check integrations, I see the following message for Z-Wave JS:

Retrying setup: Z-Wave JS Server version is incompatible: 1.15.0 a version is required that supports at least api schema 16

As far as I can see, there are no updates available for Z-Wave at this time.

What can I do?


Running HAOS? Seems we are out of luck for the moment. I think you need to roll the update back.

There’s no such thing as a “Z-Wave JS control panel”, however since you didn’t say, I’ll assume you’re talking about zwavejs2mqtt, and you are using the add-on. The zwavejs2mqtt add-on is part of the community add-on repository. There is some bug that results in the repository being removed. Ensure you have the repository installed, then check for updates: https://addons.community/#installation

All add-ons are currently up-to-date and supported, as indicated by the Breaking Changes.


Thank you for your replies.

I guess it is my mistake. Because I know that all my addons are updated, I assumed that everything should work. I am restoring my HA now.

Does it mean I have to wait until they release an update for the Z-Wave JS MQTT add-on? Is there any way to get it sooner?

What system is responsible for keeping the zwave-js server updated? HAOS or z-wavejs2mqtt?

Everything on my system is present, but yet my system does not find the z-wavejs2mqtt 0.38.0 update (assuming z-wavejs2mqtt also updates the server).


The same here.

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Repeating this, it seems you missed it. This is always the problem of not having updates.

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I found the solution and fixed my problem.

In Add-ons, I checked and the repository was not there. (I understand now what @freshcoast was talking about → thank you for your patience). I added “GitHub - hassio-addons/repository: Home Assistant Community Add-ons” repository.

After reboot, the repository appeared in my HA, and it had an update for the Z-Wave JS MQTT add-on.

I updated the add-on, and because I restored my HA, I had to update it to 2022.5 again, and it looks like everything works.

Thank you for your help.


I had same issue and same fix.

I was able to reinstall zwavejs2mqtt after adding in that repository. Zwave is still dead.

lol… a required repository named repository. That was the key… Thank you.

Just curious, did anyone run the Check Home Assistant Configuration before doing update to HA.
I have run the Check and got No Errors so interested to hear if it was run or not?

The config checker doesn’t verify add-on compatibility.

if anyone is running core on bare metal.
redownload zwavejs2mqtt, unzip, restart service, restart HA
that’s it.

This is were I really run out of knowledge.
I migrated (using the migration tool which worked after a few attempts) from the old ZWave to Z-Wave JS and from what I read the Server was automatically included.

I am running Z-Wave JS
And not using the MQTT so I am thinking I should be OK but am only guessing.

What more should I check?

says > 156 you have 158 so you should be fine as far as i can tell. but i’m not running the same type of setup.

Thanks, but I think I will give it a day or so before I update and see if any other gremlins arise.

I had this problem as well. Thinking i am a smart guy i removed the zwave2mqqt addon, thinking reinstalling it would pick up the new version. unfortuatley it didn’t so found myself here. I was able to add the repo and get it installed again however removing it seems to have removed the configuration which has the zwave keys. Is there any way to restore that or am i screwed and need to re pair up my locks?

I believe on HAOS, you should be able to restore (provided “make backup” was ticked) from a backup.

Do you have a backup? If yes, restore to the version where you did not remove zwave2mqqt. Without removing, add the repo and update your add-on.