ZHA devices becoming unresponsive

Over the past week or so I’ve been having issues with Zigbee devices on my network.
All of a sudden my outlets and light switches are intermittently not working. When triggering the switches on the app, the switch momentarily turns on and then off as if to say ‘the action was not successful’. To begin with my battery devices (motion sensors, contact sensors) were unaffected but after several restarts of my machine, these are now not responding to any interactions. Some lights will be on and the HA will show them as off. The same with outlets.

I am running HA on a virtual Linux box using VMware on windows 10. My zigbee device is a conbee II. This is plugged into the host machine and connected to HA via VMware. As far as changes. Since the issues started there isn’t anything significant I have changed. I haven’t installed any new outlets or light switches. I did do a large windows update last week to the host machine. Also worth mentioning that my outlets are all smartthings.

I have completed all sorts tests by turning off different outlets. Several restarts. Deleting and re-adding devices. The more I troubleshoot the worse the issues get. As im writing this all zigbee devices are available but completely unresponsive.

Does anyone have any ideas or is anyone experiencing the same issues?

I have also experienced a similar situation with Zigbee devices… well for me it’s a single motion sensor. Here’s what I am seeing:-

The last few times this has happened, after a day or so the sensor mysteriously came back online? I am really new to Zigbee, so no idea what action to take? Open to suggestions on what other data I can provide?

Not a similar setup, running HA on a Pi4. However got my self into a problem by not understanding the system well enough. Just as a thought.

In my case It started with a “conbee 2” firmware upgrade, and everything was getting more and more unstable over a few weeks. First I did not see the link to the conbee upgrade as it was very limited in the start. I did restarts, restore of previous configurations etc, no avail.
Came to the conclusion it was the conbee not working and purchased a new. Did not help. Reinstalled and did not help…
Now the trick, and I know a lot of people will say. Did he not read the documentation. However It had worked for month with no problems, hence I believed it was correct:-)

I installed the supervisor deconz app, the deconz integration and then the ZHA integration. Used the ZHA integration to control devices. It worked, until the conbee upgrade, and even worked after the upgrade, just not stable. However the setup was wrong…

If using ZHA, then no deconz supervisor and no deconz integration should be installed… my bad.

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I currently have neither installed.
I wouldn’t call myself an expert but as far as I am aware I install the USB and install the Conbee II ZHA integration.

Any other ideas?

I think I found the cause of the problem. Looks like the conbee II is not working correctly. I tried connecting to my personal PC and it seems to keep disconnecting and reconnecting. Ordered a new one. Hopefully the issue is sorted.

To add: it wouldn’t explain how some devices were working though

I am having similar issues but while using the Nortek stick. I have been troubleshooting with multiple people on a few different discord servers and we can not figure it out.

In the logs I get this -

Logger: homeassistant.components.zha.core.channels.base
Source: components/zha/core/channels/base.py:428
Integration: Zigbee Home Automation (documentation, issues)
First occurred: October 15, 2021, 9:15:27 AM (36 occurrences)
Last logged: October 17, 2021, 12:23:47 PM

[0x45F5:1:0x0702]: async_initialize: all attempts have failed: [DeliveryError('[0x45f5:1:0x0702]: Message send failure'), DeliveryError('[0x45f5:1:0x0702]: Message send failure'), DeliveryError('[0x45f5:1:0x0702]: Message send failure'), DeliveryError('[0x45f5:1:0x0702]: Message send failure')]
[0x2A6D:1:0xfc02]: 'async_configure' stage failed: 'ConfigureReportingResponse' object has no attribute 'status'
[0x2A6D:1:0x000f]: 'async_configure' stage failed: 'ConfigureReportingResponse' object has no attribute 'status'
[0x2A6D:1:0x0001]: 'async_configure' stage failed: 'ConfigureReportingResponse' object has no attribute 'status'
[0x2A6D:1:0x0402]: 'async_configure' stage failed: 'ConfigureReportingResponse' object has no attribute 'status'

My whole system in general has gotten worse - won’t even load supervisor logs. I have tried everything and I’m at the point of wiping it all and starting over fresh.

Hope it will work for you with a new Conbee II.

I did see similar tings after the firmware upgrade, like working sometimes and with some devices. I needed to reinstall the HA totally, seemed like Decons SW did not disapeer on uninstall.

And just like that it came back…


There are people (including me) that are having the same issues with zigbee, with different devices, since ~2021.10 version of HA.
See https://community.home-assistant.io/t/error-setting-up-hubz-smart-home-controller
or https://community.home-assistant.io/t/zigbee-is-not-longer-working

I’m surprised though that there aren’t more people writing about the problem.

What is really interesting is a range of issues have been reported since people updated their HA past core-2021.9.7 which appears to manifest in memory leaks, and could also affect other areas such as ZHA. I will add some links below.


Following closely, I plan to upgrade to 10.x as soon as I get the time. Lots of time, from all the problems I’m reading about!

I do want to point out one thing I’ve read (but not personally experienced.) Zigbee apparently uses the same spectrum as WiFi. It’s possible that your router (or your neighbor’s) is using one of the channels that overlaps the channel your Zigbee network is using. The channel numbers are not the same in the two systems, but it’s pretty well documented where the overlap occurs.

I know when the power goes out in my neighborhood, all the routers can pick different channels and it can create interference which wasn’t there before. I hope what your seeing is something like that, and not a flaw in 10.x. I’m still on 7.4 because of a bug 8.0 introduced which is finally (supposedly) fixed.

Is it me or is HA becoming very unstable lately? Every release seems to kill some key functionality, and there seems to be more interest in pushing ahead with the next big change than fixing - or even properly documenting - the bugs the last one introduced.

I’ve just downgraded to 2021.09.05 and everything work again, so at least for me it’s not the wifi. But judging from all the people having problems after upgrading, I’m pretty sure there’s a serious issue with HA

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Same problem… I took HA updates and zha things became unstable. Some lights may lose pairing frequently. They were OK for about a year! So, I thought that maybe it was time to update the conbee II firmware. So, I did apply the latest version using the windows computer. Plugged it in the raspberry and many new problems appeared. For example, the home thermostat was offline today, but the lights stayed paired… very strange! I restarted HA and now thermostat is Ok but some smart switches are not showing online.

The new conbee II that I ordered is now having the same issues as my first.
It seems that updating the Conbee in the in the Phoscon/Deconz supervisor breaks the Conbee all together.
Following the update in Phoscon, the device again keeps disconnecting from the respective machine. No idea what would be causing this. Maybe the drivers are now corrupt or the device is not booting correctly when connecting to a machine.

It seems I’m having 2 issues here. The main being the issues with HA and ZHA. This is why I ended up trying Deconz in the first place.
The other being Deconz breaking my Conbee II when updating the device. I suspect even if I get round this issue, I am still going to be faced with problems with the ZHA integration.

Based on other issues I am experiencing, I think I will downgrade back to 2021.09.05 or 2021.09.07 as the general consensus appears to be they are the most stable versions. Has taught me a lesson about installing all updates, and I think I will keep my setup a few versions behind.

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@gregoinc, I feel your pain. I had the exact same problem with an integration which was broken in version 8.0. I’m still stuck on 7.4, and was hoping it would be fixed in 10.x. Now I have to wait some more!

Tom, You mention Phoscon/Deconz supervisor. Do you have this installed in HA? If yes, then you have the same problem as me. The Deconz supervisor “take control” of the USB port, limiting the ZHA integration to work consistently.

You can try and uninstall Deconz supervisor and see if it works. I did not try this, I decided to go alle the way and reinstalled HA.

After my rebuild and use of a brand new conbee it have been 100% stable for 4 month (no Deconz SW, only ZHA integration). Not a glimps, even when cleaning from time to time removes power form the mains.

I just wanted to jump in and say that this worked for me too. I burned like 8 hours on this. I had the same problem across 3 different Coordinator hardware pieces. I downgraded with

ha core update --version 2021.9.7

I had to repair everything YET AGAIN, but at least this time it seems to work for now

(I am running Home Assistant OS with the official KVM image and USB devices being passed into the VM)

What do you mean by “I had to repair everything again”?
I downgraded too, and while it is much better, I have still problems with ZHA, so I’m not sure anymore of what is my problem.

Hi @m317, I am in the same place… having read a bunch of comments on here there appears to be a number of issues have been introduced after version 2021.9.7. I have been thinking of rolling back, but I am also hearing even that doesn’t solve everything. So what to do? Go forward or back?