ZHA Zigbee Tested Devices...Please add your device results


gurase, have you or anyone else had success lately in controlling the Hue bulbs from HA and the Hue Dimmer Remote together? I’m on 0.83.3 and am very unsuccessful.

I followed your instructions exactly: Reset, pair remote to HA, pair bulb to remote, etc. After pairing the remote to the bulb, the bulb and remote get unpaired from each other and get linked directly to HA.

I’ve also tried pairing the remote and bulb by themselves to verify that dimming and on/off work. When I’m in this state, I can press the setup button and pair the remote to HA, but the link between the remote and bulb gets removed and is changed to HA. Any interaction with HA removes the link between the bulb and remote, changing it to a direct connection to HA instead.

I can control the bulb and view the remote values. They just aren’t linked together, they get unpaired from each other and paired to HA. I’m using the HUSBZB-1 USB stick on a Pi 3B+


I could be wrong but you can’t pair the hue bulb to HA and the remote at the same time. You’ll have to use automations to control the bulb via the remote once paired to HA.


Hey @dmulcahey

Any tip on where to locate a Climax technology smoke detector? I can’t seem to find any at a retailer


I’ve got to play with Xiaomi Smoke Detector and Heiman Smoke Sensor
Both worked with HA, but I think Heiman is better. Even though a like the form factor of xiaomi, Heiman is

  1. much louder
  2. was more sensitive than xiaomi (xiami required quite a lot of smoke before going off. Maybe it is better for kitchens :slight_smile: )
  3. has “IAS Warning Device” cluster which in theory means you could trigger all your alarms to sound, once the smoke is detected by any of them.


@dmulcahey is there a repo that list working devices yet?
And along that same note, do you know if the Lutron Connected Bulb remotes work with ZHA yet?
Thanks. Looking forward to the ZHA panel


Thanks for the reply.

It actually is for a kitchen, did either accept a wired interconnect and any function to silence from HA? That’s what I am after, keep it interconnected with my 9 other detectors but silence that false alarm kitchen unit without pointing a fan at it or getting out the ladder :confused:

I could settle for removing it from the interconnect if I could just silence it easily!


None accept a wired interconnect.
I’m not sure about “silencing from HA”. There’s currently no support for it in HA, but Heiman has IAS Warning Device (1282) cluster, so if it is implemented properly you should be able to start & stop the alarm.

Xiaomi has a “multistate input” cluster, but I couldn’t find any information whether you can use it to silence the alarm.


Hi All,
I’m using a HUSBZB-1 USB stick
and trying to get Hue Bulbs connected. I got a hue dimmer to reset the bulbs which worked. Got one bulb connected then had issues with the second and third bulbs. Currently can’t get any of them to work but I’m not sure if it’s a hue bulb problem, ZHA problem, naming issue within HA (I had changed the name of the first bulb and started having problems after that which has happened before as well).

Anyone have any insight on issues that come up after renaming or using Hue bulbs?

this appears to be an HA naming issue not a bulb issue. I was able to fix this by going in and changing the ID names back to the default and the bulbs started working without issues.

Another post with more details regarding my issue:


Hi. I have some problem whith connection xiaomi mijia motion sensor.
I have 2 sensors and got one result:

2019-01-05 10:51:18 WARNING (MainThread) [bellows.zigbee.application] Unexpected response TSN=10 command=266 args=b'\x00\x00\x18\x01'
2019-01-05 10:51:18 WARNING (MainThread) [zigpy.endpoint] [0x7d90:1] Message on unknown cluster 0x0406

Each motion sensor online but do not change state. ‘off’ all time.

I use Elelabs usb zigbee dongle. Whith zha_new component motion sensors work correctly but there are a lot of problems thith other devices.
At zha I got stable connect to door and leak sensors but can not use motion sensor.


I’ve read here that most people like and use Iris 3210-L plug as a repeater. That model is unavailable and seems to be replaced with the 3210-L1. Does anyone know if that model still works in HA as a repeater using the husbzb-1?

Also, I’ve been getting a lot of zha sensor taking longer than 30 second errors that is only corrected with a restart. Only device I’ve recently added was the newest model of the smartthings plug. About the same time I upgraded from ha 83.x to 84.6. So I’m not sure which introduced this error but it happens every 2 or 3 days now. The errors floods my log and none of my zigbee stuff works. Just wondering if the smartthings plug could be a problem.



That’s pretty much what I’m gathering from my web searches. There’s a reddit post on r/homeassistant that gives some helpful info on this topic exactly.

I’m hoping that gurase’s method works so that the remote is instantaneous and can be independent if HA quits, but I’m going to try linking it with an automation in the meantime.


Has anyone used the Hue dimmer and successfully used the brighten or dim buttons for triggers in automation? Currently the state only shows on/off but I see in the logs that zigpy shows logs when those buttons are pressed. I’m just not sure how to capture those as a trigger.


With the upcoming quirks implementation you should get events for these button presses that you can use for this.


hi drjared88, thanks for the quick reply. I’m new to HA, can you elaborate on what you mean, what is the “quirks implementation”? Is there a link to read up on it?


Check out this.


Thanks! i’ll keep on eye on that.
Currently when I press the dimmer buttons I see this in the logs:

[zigpy.zcl] [0x9cf0:1:0x0006] ZCL request 0x0101: []
[zigpy.zcl] [0x9cf0:1:0x0008] ZCL request 0x0102: [0, 30, 9]

line one is button one (on), line two is button two (brighten). I thought I would be able to trigger off of those but I wasn’t sure how to format that for an event trigger for automation. I assumed I could but maybe not?


Hey @ohmer - did you ever actually solve this issue? I just got some bulbs, and they are very “variably” responsive… Its very odd.


Unfortunately, nop. Home Depot have a 90 days return policy, I returned them all at something like 88 days :D. They are cheap but also garbage. I finally purchased Philips Hue on Amazon on discount… Still overpriced but they work…


@dmulcahey Question about your quirks implementation for 0.85.

I see that quirks appears to be enabled by default. So just want to confirm there is nothing I have to do in order to get events from my zha devices? I know when I was testing some of your stuff earlier I had to specify a device handlers path but it appears that is not needed any more, correct?

Thanks so much for your work on this stuff!


It is but you may have to edit the config entry for it before .85.1