Danalock V3 official support for HA


I am looking to buy Danalock V3 and it looks like (from checking other threads) that it is already possible to add it to HA. But no official component… yet.

I sent an email to their support and HA support is testing & planned for beginning of next year!

I am considering buying a Danalock V3 - but did it ever get officially supported and what is the general opinion of it. Does it work reliable and worth the cost?

Hi @Morten_DK
I have a z-wave stick in the RPi4 and apart from the quirks in the aeotec stick, it works very reliably.
With the later versions of Ha, the Z-wave configuration has gotten way simpler, and it’s quite a bit easier to add the lock than before.
One thing though, I have the BTZE version of DL3, and to add it to Ha, you should use the app and activate the Z-wave from that. There is a rather simple guide, a 5 step one, and it’s even simpler now:

If you want help with it, let me know, and we’ll do it in our native tounge :smiley:

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Tak :slight_smile:

Sounds great that it is working as expected - I’ll come back to you in case I run into some issues :slight_smile: