[Deprecated]MQTT Explorer Addon

:exclamation:This version is no longer current.:exclamation:
Please refer to Smegolworms4 release here Addon MQTT Explorer new Version


This addon served its purpose and was very useful for those who needed it about a year ago. However, the original author has posted an addon and will maintain from here on out.

Please refer to Smegolworms4 post here Addon MQTT Explorer new Version

MQTT Explorer Addon

Get MQTT Explorer right inside Home Assistant, any time, no need to find the executable.


Add my Addons Repository
Add repository
Install the Addon
Open your Home Assistant instance and show the MQTT Addon.

Alternatively, you can use this Direct Link to the MQTT Explorer Addon Repository and skip my other addons.


Utilization is fairly simple.

  1. Set up your MQTT Broker
  2. Start this Addon
    1. Set the host
    2. Set the username and password
    3. Click the Connect button
    4. Observe MQTT messages and publish your own!

Operational Pictures

It works on Android which is very useful for troubleshooting on-the-go.


Credit goes to Smeagolworms4 for creating the docker image. I packaged for use with Home Assistant and created the Addon.
Donate to Adam

Known issues

Does not work with iOS/Safari. It will produce an error.

External Resources

Below are some useful links to fix problems and make things happen.


Any chance of this being fixed?


My principles prevent me from using iOS devices except for target practice, drop tests, or rectal examination. But don’t let that discourage you. Feel free to contribute to the addon or upstream.


10 out 10 Bro


Essential for MQTT :slight_smile:



Tried to add it, but says “add-on not found”. Is it broken perhaps?


works great - thanks for sharing

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You may need to wait for a while. Also make sure you’re using a 64-bit OS.

Thanks @adamoutler this is exactly what I was looking for! Took a couple of trys to get it to start first time but is now working perfectly

You are a bit of a blast from the past! I remember you from my days rooting Android phones :grinning:


This was super super useful for me. HOWEVER, I may have to stop using it as it does not work with safari. Chrome is a terrible resource user on M1 macs and screws up external audio. For the life of me I don’t understand how the engineers at google can live with themselves - super super sloppy.

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately good engineers don’t use silly M1 chips.


For some reason it shows no topics at all… it connects but shows nothing…

Any ideas as to why?


You have to send some data and observe. It will show nothing if there’s nothing to show.

Not sure because I’m using zigbee2mqtt and there should be an almost constant data flow.
Before I lost my computer and it was installed it would show the minute I logged in… this shows nothing…

What do you have under Advanced - Topic
I’m showing $SYS/# and #

Is it still available? I can’t see it on the add-on list.
BTW, my HA is installed on Raspberry Pi 4B if it matters.

It certainly is. Please ensure you have added the AdamOutler repository.

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Does this work on aarch64 platfoms like the Odroid N2? I’m having the same issue as @fischgeek: Add-On not found.

While this particular Addon is now deprecated, you can find Smeagolworm4’s addon here which supports iOS. Addon MQTT Explorer new Version - #12 by smeagolworms4