Dwains Dashboard - 1 CLICK install Dashboard for desktop, tablet and mobile - V3.1.0


Dwains Home Assistant Dashboard

Hello, I am Dwain. I’m using Home Assistant for over 2 years now. At the end of the summer 2019 I thought why does nobody has made a dashboard which builds automatic by a configuration file. I have a own web development company so I thought why not make a own theme and release it to the public. The result: Dwains Dashboard.

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V3.1.0 - Contains some much requested features & bug fixes

I spend again a lot of work on 3.1 😮‍💨 Please consider a donation :+1:

How to update

  • Update through HACS or download the zip and copy over existing files.
  • Reboot HA and CLEAR CACHE (browser and mobile app)!

V3.1.0 changelog

  • If you hide or disable an entity in HA itself it also now doesn’t show/load up in DD.
  • Re-programmed the homepage and devices page load so it must now load a lot faster.
  • The function that refreshed all areas on the background is also re-programmed from ground up. So DD also must now eat less ram from your browser/device.
  • You now can exclude entities from DD. This means for example if you got a temperature sensor you can exclude it from showing up on the area button as temperature value. Or if you got a switch that is always on like a fridge you can exclude it so you can don’t see it as on switch.
  • Added two new buttons in top of area edit view. You now can disable or hide all entities inside an area with 1 click. This way you can start by enabling the entities you want instead of the other way around with hiding/disabling all entities you don’t want (the way DD defaults works).
  • Only users with Admin (role) now can edit settings inside DD!
  • The order of the devices on the devices page is now also the order of the grouped device view on the homepage area view.
  • The order of the ungrouped homepage areas is now also the order of the grouped area view on the devices page.
  • Made it possible to hide/disable persons. If you disable a person it also doesn’t show anymore on the homepage house information card.
  • Always show all installed blueprints inside the blueprint select popup, only the usable blueprint is selectable in the popup.
  • Scene button now show last changed/triggered time instead of a timestamp.
  • Fixed a bug that climates with state “Off” showed as on in the house information.
  • Added Italian language.
  • Added Spanish language.
  • Fixed a bug with sorting not working in Firefox. This now works.
  • Fixed a bug that a horizontal scrollbar below the navbar was always visible on Firefox. It’s now hidden.
  • Brought back the function to double click on an area button to toggle all lights inside the area.
  • Added sorting functionality to favorites on homepage.
  • Added sorting functionality to more pages (on the more page itself and it also reflects the sorting on more pages placed in the navbar).
  • For extra large screens there are not 4 rows of more pages buttons on the more page.
  • You now can disable an area :slight_smile: including all entities inside that area. If you disable an area it is fully disabled in whole DD.
  • Support for Apexcharts Templates in DD itself and in the blueprints. Inside the blueprints you can use apexcharts_card_templates: and by hand you can use
    dwains-dashboard/apexcharts_card_templates folder and put your template YAML files inside that folder. After that reboot HA.
  • Added success message after installing blueprint.
  • Fixed bug with editing existing cards inside DD causes error related to input_entity and input_name.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple checkboxes inside a blueprint where not working. Now you can make as many checkboxes as you want.
  • Fixed a bug that when you got an alarm or weather entity set in global settings you couldn’t remove it. You now can remove/disable it.
  • Added some new theme variables for theming things: --dwains-house-information-badge-background, --dwains-house-information-badge-color, --dwains-info-badge-background, --dwains-info-badge-color.
  • In the blueprints select popup/modal the list of installed blueprints is now sorted on the type of blueprint.
  • If you click in the house information on a device like Open doors you now also see them grouped by area.
  • Made an option to hide device overviews on the devices page. Now you can hide them if you don’t want see a specific device overview.
  • If you open the popup of all on lights or on switches now you got a button at the bottom to quickly Turn off all of them.
  • In the devices tab om phone when press the 3 dots in edit-mode you didn’t get a menu with option’s but instead it will go to the page. This is now fixed.
  • When you add a card within a device overview you cannot remove it anymore through the UI the button Remove just did nothing. This is now fixed.
  • When you add a custom card within a device overview then it will be directly above the auto-entities no space in between. This is now fixed.
  • Added device_class smoke as binary_sensor class so it now also shows.
  • Fixed a bug where navbar was not sticking to bottom of screen on Android devices.
  • Added an option in the Global settings popup to go back to Dwains Dashboard v2 layout if you prefer that. So all pages 100% full width.
  • Added Polish translation.
  • Changed the checkbox styling of a checkbox fieldtype in a blueprint.
  • Added default_value for blueprint checkboxes (true which is checked or false is not checked by default).
  • Scene button now only has turn_on. It tried to turn it off and that is not possible causing an error.

New here with Dwains Dashboard?


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Looking good! nice work on the theme, will save it for later maybe i am going to use it one day. :slight_smile:

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Nice dwains

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Tried it yesterday,
Really nice and easy install.
Today iam gonna finish it and Will post the result!

I hope you get it 100% up and running then I know that it works. So I can release it to the public :slight_smile:

Amazing! Did I miss the link to download the theme? I’d love to test this out. This is game changing!

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I will release it ASAP :smiley: I will post it as first here in this topic.

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Thanks! And I’m in the noob camp so a detailed instruction write up would be most appreciated. Your setup is exactly what I’ve been searching for for months


If this is what I think it is then it should be included in HA out of the box. Great work.

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It looks great! Can’t wait to try it out.
Been using HASS for a month and I feel that my UI is ugly, this theme might change that :smiley:


I must add that my theme is focused on mobile view for now. But i’m working hard to also make it look awesome on tablet/desktop soon :slight_smile:


Looks awesome. Love the clean look. Was looking in building something that is wife friendly :grin::grin::grin:

You nailed it. Let us know when when we can test for you.


looks great!

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Ohhhh me likey. Can’t wait to try the tablet version. This makes it look so professional

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Where did you actually get it from?

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I’ve never really liked Lovelace, but this has caught my interest.


He has it because he is in our slack groups (maintained by @jimz011 and @dwains).

Joining our slack group gives you the ability to test themes like this early (as well as my own theme Homekit Infused).

But I’m not here to talk about my theme. I am here to tell you to test his theme, it is really great. It is imho one of the best themes out there right now (that contains not just the standard HA cards). I had the chance to test it myself as well and it works pretty great.

And most of all, join our slack group, because it is really awesome! Find the links on each of our repos and remember, respect is everything!

Keep posting in here so that people get notified about this theme!


Ziet er knap uit, ik kijk uit naar de release!