Expander (Collapsible) Card

Create a bug ticket with example and images and infos, because should be fixed here:

@MelleD is it possible to Change the color from the First Line when he is expand to see that he is expand (nicer to see)? Like in collapse card

Not sure what you mean. Do you have an example?

here you the the expand first row has a different color but only when it is expand, whould be cool when you can integration this.

a) Create a feature request for the default title card
b) use e.g. a mushroom-template-card as title card and then you can use card mod
see Mushroom Cards Card Mod Styling/Config Guide

Bildschirmfoto 2024-06-12 um 09.34.53

          type: custom:mushroom-template-card
          primary: "Räume"
          icon: "mdi-broom"
          icon_color: "blue"
            style: |
              ha-card {
                background-color: #002f7a;

card_mod i knows, but this is not possible when i wanna it only when the card is expand, but i create a feature request

Is your picture from another integration or you just hover over it during the picture?

it is from an other integration to visualise

Which integration? Maybe I can look there for a solution

Collapsable cards

Mhm can you not send just a link? :smiley:

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Any way to make the expander card smaller? There’s way to much space between the expander and the bubble separator card under it right now.

Yes you can play with the different margin options. See in the README the table with all options

Thank you, played around with it and thought i had tried it all. I’m the one who wrote on Github earlier about the refreshing by the way. Found out that i had the other expander card. Your version is working like it should.

That’s what @paddy0174 said. Maybe I should start a new Thread :wink:

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Created new topic here: Expander | Accordion | Collapsible Card

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