Give user the ability to downgrade individual addons

There have been several instances where updates to an addon broke something. The developers of the addon may add a new and very useful feature, or patch a security issue, but unintentionally create a bug. Or, there is no bug but a breaking change broke something on one’s setup and they need time to sort it out. Currently, there is no way to downgrade an individual add on other then restoring an old snapshot. If you didn’t do a snapshot, or made other changes since the snapshot, you’ll be stuck or lose those, and will need to wait for the patched version to be released.

Several recent examples where this can be beneficial are linked below

ZwaveJS2MQTT / Debug message - #9 by mwav3 Is there a way to downgrade ESPHome? Portainer v2.6.2 - unable to start containers All controls (switches, shutters, etc) stop working after a while - #6 by mwav3

Not being able to “downgrade” an addon that causes a problem is a real deal breaker for me on using a supervised install, and one of the reasons I use Home Assistant container

Please vote for this FR if you agree.

This is very similar to a FR I submitted:

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Sorry didn’t see that one when I searched, although yours is a bit broader then just the addons. I think just the addons might be a bit simpler to get going first, since they’re docker based containers. I went over and voted for yours too though.

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I believe you can downgrade addons with use of update command providing addon exact version

Are you referring to this post specifically? I was unaware that those steps would work to downgrade.

Has anyone actually tried it? I can’t since I’m not running a supervised install at the moment (although I can give it a shot on my test install)

Still feel many would be lost editing the json and being able to downgrade from the UI in the Supervisor tab would be ideal.

The way to downgrade an addon is by doing a partial restore or a previously created backup.

All other ways of doing it will cause issues.

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