Google Shopping List integration

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I just discovered the shopping list component. It would be neat if I could somehow link it to my default Google Shopping list.


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Not familiar with that, can you give me a link and I will poke? I also love the shopping list,

I have a custom sensor that I set up so I get alerts when I enter my grocery store zone to ping my iphone with my shopping list, ie ‘You have items on your shopping list, beer’. It’s almost always beer :slight_smile:

I had worked up the feature to merge into HASS but got sidetracked. If there is interest I’ll give it another go.


Here’s the link to the google shopping list

how is the “official” google service for shopping and I think is integrated with Google Home. So it would be great to have a merged shopping list created from HA and google so we can add items from everywhere.

I didn’t find any api description or developer guide for the shoppinglist component. It doesn’t seems that the service is open for developer.

Oh, that’s a pity. :frowning:

This would be nice!

Oh it would be nice to have and highly needed. Just a minor twist would be to share lists between HA users and ability to add zones for geofencing for a notification when your enter you primary shopping place

Well this will never happen and we should boycott Google Shopping List:

Well here we have the reason to drop Google Shopping List integration - It seems like Big Google just is hijacking the shopping lists and use it only to benefit google express product searching

That article is from 2017 - they went that direction and then reversed course and now allow you to add to Google ‘KEEP’ lists via Google Assistant. Far from great, but better than shortly after your referenced article was posted.

From what I remember, someone here managed to leverage Keep API and sync lists to an extent - far from perfect b/c of Google API limitation, but something at least…

Cool thanks for the update but still a shame that google has note yet made an API for their shopping list. It would have been so easy for them

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I use this approach to prompt, similar to @tschmidty - Location based shopping list reminder? - #4 by CloCkWeRX and otherwise use the google ecosystem to add/remove/etc items.

Related to the similar problem described in this other thread → Google Assistant Ifttt Shopping list

Any tried using gkeep-list-sync (custom component that uses an unofficial client for Google Keep API)?

gkeep-list-syncA Home Assistant custom integration for adding items to your Home Assistant Shopping List from a Google Keep list. The integration relies on gkeepapi for the synchronization. This is meant to be used with Google Assistant to easily add items to Home Assistant Shopping List.

The integration adds a service call that can be used on any automation to synchronize Google Keep List with Home Assistant Shopping List, but it is currently only one-way.

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FYI, the method and path to integrate implementations such as Shopping Lists and To-Do integrations have been significantly changed for the better in Home Assistant 2023.11 with the addition of the new todo integration, as that is a new core integration in Home Assistant that is meant to be used by other integrations, and Home Assistant’s own Shopping List integration is now using that todo integration.

Unfortunately, I asked the developer of gkeep-list-sync if he would consider adding that to his custom integration and sadly he said that he is not personally interested in developing a Google Shopping List integration that uses todo :frowning:

However, maybe someone else will develop a Google Shopping List integration using gkeepapi as a dependency?

PS: While off-topic also recommend check out this related Blueprint to make Home Assistant’s own shopping list list integration have a better interference → Improved Shopping List!


Developers might also want to checkout this custom component that uses todo integration and sync Bring shopping list → GitHub - sh00t2kill/HA-Bring-ToDo-List: A custom component that syncs Bring Shopping List with the new HA ToDo list