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HASS.IO -> transfer from SD card to SSD or USB


Let me start by saying Thank you to everyone that puts the time in around here. I use the forums a lot for help but have never posted. Without you guys/gals helping everyone there would be no HA.

Now the issue :grin:
I’m currently running HA on a raspberry Pi with an SD card and would really like to keep it on the Pi. I know some people complain about the slow reboot speeds etc. but honestly it’s been so stable I hate to ever move off the platform.
However I do want to move away from an SD card… I feel like I’m playing with fire at this point and want to stop a problem before it happens.
So my options are USB or SSD. Can I have some opinions on which is better AND are there any guides to move a HASS.IO build from an SD card to either a USB or SSD? I think I would prefer an SSD, but interested to hear what everyone says.
I have a zwave stick and have read about people having problems when making a transfer from one HA build to another. Honestly since I don’t even know how to go about making the swap I’m not sure if this might even be a problem i encounter.
Thanks for any and all help.

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You cannot currently boot HassOS from a USB drive - it’s not supported.

What you can do is install Raspbian and then do a generic Linux install of Hass.io with docker and that runs really well from a USB.

If you make a snapshot of your setup via the snapshots addon, restoring that to a new Hass.io installation will restore all your config exactly as it was.


I believe with the 2.8 release of HassOS that just occurred, this is starting to come together… https://github.com/home-assistant/hassos/pull/318


Has anyone been able to do this?
I’m looking to move my Hass.io install on the SD-card of the RPi to an old 256Gb SSD and connect it over USB.