How can I disable the cloud component?

For those of us who do not use the cloud service, is there any way to hide it from the Lovelace configuration interface? I do not need to be reminded that I chose a different path.

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Not sure what you’re referencing. Do you have more details?

This (on 0.89.2)

remove cloud: from your configuration.


just remove cloud: form your config

Oh, that’s not lovelace related. It’s a setting in the configuration page and won’t be hidden. (without removing cloud: from configuration.yaml)

While you could usually remove it by simply removing cloud from your config, it’s not quite so simple if you have a newer config that uses default_config. In that case, you’d have to remove default_config and go about adding all of these back (except cloud, obviously).


The only lines in my configuration with cloud refer to weather conditions.

Where is this documented especially for new users? This is likely my issue since cloud: is not in my configuration.

here :

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You are looking in your configuration.yaml?

I think there should be a customization doc for semi-new users listing all these “secret handshakes” :wink:

Yes. I searched with configurator I do have default_config: though.

then you need to disable or remove that line, and add all stuff manually what you want

Maybe come over to discord where there is better back and forth.

Edit: expired link now not expired

I see what I need to do now. I just would like to make it easier for others in the future.
Thanks for your assistance. I will make those changes this evening.

I will likely eventually join but the invite is invalid. :frowning:


Thanks, all I found several “default_config” entries already in my config.yaml. After deleting them & commenting out the cloud component I was able to remove that item.

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A bit off topic but not totally:

On a good day the clouds will disappear and the sun shine with a nice blue sky…

And that is the reason I like Home Assistant, nothing needs to be done in the cloud, you can do (almost) everything local. And if this (not so) good day comes that the clouds (providers) disappears, Home Assistant will still work!

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