How to hide entity-name in apexchart-card

Hi all,
is there a way to hide only the entity-name of a apexchart-card? States should continue to be displayed (in this case °C)? I just can’t find a solution, sorry. Thanks for help…

It seems that this is not possible, what a pity. Perhaps it will be integrated at some point.

use should use the seach function in this Forum, before asking simple questions

Hi boheme61,

thank you for the warm welcome here in the forum. I know how to behave in public forums.

How many times do you think I’ve read through the apexcharts-card manual? I haven’t found anything that would help me. The search in the forum didn’t lead to any useful results either. Otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.

Just forget it, I withdraw my question.


The extensive documentation gives series show options, with the the in_header option and the name_in_header, which maybe what you want.

I can’t test this at the moment but I think it turns off the series entity name in the header


You’re a busybody, nothing more. I posted a very specific question hoping to get some good info. Logically, I used the forum’s search function and, in my opinion, read more than enough instructions and howtos. I would have expected the community to stick together and help a newcomer in particular. As you wrote so beautifully: “We are volunteering our free time to help others.” That’s exactly what I would have hoped for.

I can manage just fine on my own. There are more people who are willing to help. You’re just being pompous, that’s all.


Search fo “apexcharts” gives the 5th result to the huge dedicated apexcharts-card thread.
I wonder is there any sense to create a new post for some custom card instead of asking in the thread where your question could be noticed by plenty of apexcharts users. Not to mention to avoid a decluttering by “all solutions are in one place”.
Each popular custom card has it’s own dedicated thread.
No reason to get offended.

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after reading Biscuit’s answer (thank you, Biscuit), following the link, and tinkering a bit, adding name_in_header and setting it to false worked for me

Screen Shot 2023-11-19 at 11.11.30 PM

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There was indeed a point to create a separate post on the questions as I have the same question and was able to google-find this post because of that. Thx, Caddy

name_in_header: false indeed hides the entity name in apex charts. Great going.

Are you really attacking a post from 5 months ago? You have found a resolution, that’s a positive. I would suggest taking the high road and share your information in a positive manner.

I’d also suggest checking out the new Cookbook that is under construction, constructive criticism is welcome.