Make Home Assistant your Personal Trainer 2.0!

Hi everybody!

After a long go, i just finished my ‘personal trainer’ on HA and i want to share it with you.

First, this is not an addon or custom component. Basically, it gets information from multiple watches, bands, scales, phones, apps, GPS… to build this interface, so you can have all your health information together. Therefore, is 100% customizable (panel, colors, goals… everything)

You can set your own goals no matter what. Maybe you can walk half hour a day, run a marathon, lose 3 kilos, monitor your sleep or just quit smoking. I have researched a lot, and there are some many sources of information that you can use. You can follow this guide to set your personal trainer.

I hope you like it! I would love to read your ideas to make it better, and see your personal trainers :slight_smile:


I just released a new version, much much nicer and easier to install.

If you find it usefull

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Thanks!! :smiley:

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Nice job on that, it looks like a commercial app! The three rings remind me of the Apple Watch activity rings.

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This is really nice. Even if people don’t set up all of it, there some lovely card examples in there.

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I got some of it set up…

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I love it Tim!! I can wait to get fresh ideas from you :slight_smile:


The guide includes now a chapter for ‘Strava integration’. This point has a huge impact on the ‘personal trainer’ as Strava is able to get data from many smart watches / bands (Samsung, Fitbit, Zepp, Polar, Suunto, Amazfit…), but it also creates specific sensors FOR EACH SPORT. Keep in mind that Strava allows you to record your activiy of many sports (running, hiking, cycling, swimming, surfing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, skating, climbing, crossfit, yoga… and many others).

This means that the number of devices and sports that can be monitored automatically has grown enormously.

*Thanks to Barny_II, one of the members of Aguacatec community. I would love to have more ideas from you in order to make it better :slight_smile:

Would be fantastic to use that with Gadgetbridge :slight_smile: (the open source manager on Android for fitness devices, I use it since years with Mi Band devices).


Thanks Vincen! I don’t know Gadgetbridge, but i will look into it!! full opensource manager for fitness devices lot more efficient and powerful than manufacturer apps and without any cloud things :slight_smile:
It implements an auto export of all exercices and stats so it should be usable in a way or an other with HA :wink:

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+1 for this! I’m using Gadgetbridge for a few years as well, would be great to be included. If that’s feasable for you, please add! :slight_smile:

TIA :partying_face:

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I am afraid that i dont have any compatible watch/band to test it :pensive:. I ll try to get one eventually and i will get back to It, i promise!!

Really ? It supports a crazy number of devices :stuck_out_tongue:

I know! I checked the list, but my garmin watch is not included… Maybe i ll try to get a cheap one. Do you have any recommendation? xiaomi band? any device to control HA also? Thanks!

Yeah Miband are a good choice and quite cheap (you just have to pair the device one time with the official app and after that you can retrieve the “key” of the device to be able to pair it with GB :slight_smile: Careful the MiBand Watch is not compatible with GB (completely different HW in it than regular band !)

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GM Vincen!

I have order a Xiaomi Band, so Gadgetbridge will be included soon :slight_smile:

Also, check this out! It is a teaser about the Personal Trainer!

Thanks for the great news, impatient to be able to test it :wink:
For GB, you’ll need first to pair the Xiaomi band with the official app, then you use a little script that allows to retrieve the pairing key from xiaomi servers to use for pairing in GB.

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I’m working on a similar project. I have a an ESP running Tasmota attached to the reed sensors on my rowing machine. I plan to add a similar setup to my treadmill. I currently have an automatic timer that starts and stops with my rowing machine and Home Assistant counts the pulses from the reed switches. I have some fine tuning to do. I’m currently using a utility meter helper to track the statistics.

Did you write an article in English?

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Hi! I am sorry, i didn’t…

Anyway, i’m working on a 2.0 version, so maybe we can make it soon :slight_smile:



I just released a new version, much much nicer and easier to install.

Here are a few seconds of the shopping list: