Instructions and advice for simple mortals

I have enormous respect for the Open Source contributors who have made the HA happen and keep developing it. In early days the guys wrote the stuff for themselves and could understand each others documentation.

Now, the system is cool and attracts lots of less nerdy users with much less knowledge and understanding of what’s under the engine hood. And the numbers of us, “simple users” keep growing.

As a result the whole HA ecosystem would benefit a lot of making available guidance for smart, yet less technical users to understand how the system works (e.g. events and triggers as opposed to sequential programming), its main HW and SW building blocks, communication protocols and devices, not to forget checklists for defining and naming things in a future proof manner. The idea should be “Writing for smart, but ignorant people”.

For Nabu Casa it might be a commercially sound idea to offer one of few starter kits e.g. with HA Green, SkyConnect and some essential devices to get things started (motion, door/window sensors, power plugs etc that everybody will need anyway). I bet manufacturers would love to have their stuff included into such a kit to promote their products, with future system expansion in mind. That, combined with a set of exercise leaflets could make the start much easier for newbies and an excellent gift option for birthday, Xmas - or retirement.

Additions and submissions to this are encouraged.

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