Mains powered Zigbee devices that aren't routers

This is a wiki entry for the community to track which mains powered Zigbee devices are not routers.

  • Sengled bulbs
  • Most 2-wire dimmers/switches
  • Zemismart switches
  • Aqara FP1

The Home Assistant Cookbook - Index.


The Zemismart ZN-R03E (alt link) wall switch is actually a router, albeit not a very good one.
It is recognized as TuYa TS0002 by Z2M.

For reference, you can not stop or disable routing on Zigbee Router device. That is, you can not simply reconfigure a Zigbee Router product to not route traffic. So if you want a Zigbee End Device then you specifically need to by non-routers. See:

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