OpenZwave Set Device Associations

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Hi Guys,

I’ve just recently moved to HA from a Fibaro HC2. I sold my house and left the HC2 for the new owners along with all my hardwired devices.

I have been trying to find away of setting device associations, I need to set a Fibaro button to turn on an Aeotec wall outlet. I’ve search all over for what I suspect might be a simple answer but due to the different versions of Zwave on HA Im rather confused.

Further Details:
HA running on a RPi4
Aeotec Z-Wave Stick
OpenZwave Addon

Any help will be appreciated.

I really don’t know (or use) device associations, especially in the new OZW, but since you are running HA you can easily set up an automation to have the wall outlet turned on or off using the button. By doing it that way you then have all controls in HA and all in one place.

That only works if HA works

True but HA always works… :wink: :smile:

Aehm, sure :sunglasses:

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For the ozw integration, you’ll have to publish the addassociation MQTT command for now.

topic: OpenZWave/1/command/addassociation/
json payload:

  "node": 3,
  "group": 2,
  "target": "1.0"

Replace 3 with the desired node, group with the desired group number, and "1.0" with the target node. It must be a string.


Thanks guys, Sadly I could not get it to work with the Fibaro button. I believe it has something to do with the device not always being awake.

I suppose the last comma before ending the block is a typo? I tried the command with and without the comma for a battery powered motion sensor but it never picked up the command it seems, not even when keeping it awake for 5 minutes. Any ideas?

Hi Rick,
How did you go? I could never get a battery device to accept the association. Power devices no problem but not my battery fibaro button

The association never picked up. So I gave up for now until some brilliant mind comes along with the answer or OZW update :wink:

great… this is what I was looking for but definitely not the result I was looking for.
On the built in Zwave integration (the one where the Zwave appeared at the bottom of the configuration page.) You’d select the node, then the node entity you want to associate.

I’ll have a go at the MQTT code… wish they didn’t mess with the old and introduced the new… While I love the speed of updating the zwave parameters. Haven’t found openzwave good. Watch this space.

You can still use the old zwave integration.

I haven’t been able to point to a custom config folder.

adding config_path: /config/ozwave/config
or even “zwave:” to the configuration.yaml makes my zwave management menu disappear.
Without that config file my Inovelli light switches don’t work. Is there a way to add a config path?

this is the only thing I’m not loving about openzwave…

From addassociations

Params :

​ “node” - uint8: The NodeID to test

​ “group” - uint8: The Association Group you wish to add a member to

“target” - string: The Target Node you wish to send notifications to for this group.

Returns :

​"addAssociation" - if OZW accepted the command

Notification :

​topic “nodeGroupChanged” Indicates the Memberships was successfully refreshed from the device

Help an idiot out please. Node 29 association group 4 (the dimming) is the node I want to control. Node 21 association group 2 is the node I want to control the remote.

To be controlled:

Where do I start?

  "node": 29,
  "group": 4,
  "target": "21.1",

"node" is the number of the node that is controlling, i.e. sending messages.

"group" is the group number of the controlling node.

"target" would be the node that is the target of the commands (hence the name “target”), i.e. the one that is being controlled and receiving messages.

If you want node 21 to send Basic Set commands to node 29, then the payload would be:

  "node": 21,
  "group": 2,
  "target": "29"

If you want to send Switch Multilevel Set commands instead, you would use group 3.

The target is either a node number, or a specific endpoint (instance) of a node. You would use "29.2" if the instance you want to control is #2 of node 29. The target needs to understand the message that it is receiving, so either Basic Set or Switch Multilevel in this case.

Node 29 association group 4 (the dimming) is the node I want to control

Group 4 is for controlling other nodes, so it wouldn’t be relevant for controlling node 29.

Nothing I try seems to update the association members table…

I can see the payload is going to OpenZWave/1/command/addassocation/ it’s just sitting there. No associations are added. a stale mate.

I was able to get associations working

    "Name": "Basic_Set",
    "Help": "",
    "MaxAssociations": 5,
    "Members": [
    "TimeStamp": 1598293261

Helps to spell it correctly. :wink:
addassocation -> addassociation.

EDIT: I noticed my initial reply spelled it wrong too. :smiley: Always helps to double check. I went back and updated my example.

Hahaha that’s hilarious. Ok got some traction now. fields update instantly. Thanks for taking the time freshcoast. in the target no matter what I put… 29.4, 29.2 in 21 the members it says 29.0.

published to the same mqtt topic?