Reminders with actionable Alexa and push notifications

- Version: 1.0 -\

It occurred to me to start this project because I’m noticing a certain decline in my memory as I age. To make the concept clearer, I considered my son’s case, who needs to take several medications during flu seasons or particular times. Until now, I had set alarms on the calendar, but this wasn’t enough to remind me of everything. So, I thought of using Home Assistant and Alexa to give me a hand.

This project is extremely intuitive to use. It’s important to note that, to receive push notifications (although not mandatory), you need to have the companion app installed. Furthermore, to interact with Alexa, you need to use Keaton Taylor’s work.

At that point, at the set time, and on the set days on the set devices, you’ll receive a request from Alexa and a push notification. If you respond positively to Alexa or interact with the push notification, you won’t receive further reminders. Otherwise, after the set time has elapsed, you’ll receive a new request from Alexa and a new notification.
Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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Reminders with actionable Alexa and push notifications

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