Automatic air conditioner


This blueprint is for using the air conditioner automatically in both winter and summer, based on a start and end temperature. In modo facoltativo, si può abilitare:

  • Window status check
  • Water level control in the tank
  • Home presence control
  • Notifications (English and Italian)
  • Decide on the time slot for operation

Below the settings for operation are:

  1. Select language: Choose the language for notifications (default: Italian).
  2. Entities climate: Choose the climate entity to be used.
  3. Select season: Choose the season of use (default: Summer)
  4. Set temperature climate: Select the temperature to be set at the climate
  5. Hvac modes: Select hvac usage mode (heat, cool, dry, fan_only)
  6. Fan modes: Select the fan usage mode (auto, high, mid, low). In case your climate settings are different from mine, these can be customized from the source file.
  7. Presence Home: OPTIONAL Select from the list the group created with person entities for:
  • Turn on the air conditioner if the conditions set for startup are met
  • Turn off the air conditioner at the time when you switch to the not_home state
      - person.marco
      - person.serena
  1. Water level. OPTIONAL: Select the binary_sensor used to indicate full water tank. To function, it must be set with device_class: moisture.
  2. Window: OPTIONAL select the binary sensor used for the window contact. To function, it must be set with device_class: window
  3. Target temperature start: Set the startup temperature:
  • If set to winter, the climate will be turned on if the indoor temperature is lower than the set temperature
  • If set to summer, the climate will be turned on if the indoor temperature is higher than the set temperature
  1. Target temperature stop: Set the shutdown temperature:
  • If set to winter, the climate will be turned off if the indoor temperature is higher than the set temperature
  • If set to summer, the climate will be turned off if the indoor temperature is lower than the set temperature
  1. Delay temperature stop: Set a delay expressed in minutes for turning off the air conditioner once it reaches “Target temperature stop
  2. Start time: Set the start time for automatic operation of the climate. NB: If you want the climate to be automatic h24, set Start time and Stop time with the time 00:00:00.
  3. Stop time: Set the time for automatic climate operation end time and shutdown time. NB: If you want the climate to be automatic h24, set Start time and Stop time with the time 00:00:00.
  4. Device to notify push: OPTIONAL select the device on which you want to receive the push notification. The device must have the official HomeAssistant app installed.

This blueprint was made respecting my personal needs and climate entities that are used with Broadlink.

I remain open to feedback and any ideas to make this blueprint more usable for everyone.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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Hi, trying to set this up with the Presence option. What type of Group helper is this Blueprint expecting? I have tried a Binary Sensor Group with two people but the Blueprint does not show this as a dropdown option.

First make sure you have assigned the correct device_trackers to the people (setting-person). Then you create an old-fashioned group with only interested people in it. The available states will be home not_home. let me know if it appears in the list at that point.

great project, congratulations, I’m testing it and it works perfectly

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thanks for feedback

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maybe a idea for using a external temp sensor, for checking the temp that you can set. When reached external temp 20> turn off airconditioning and when below <18 turn airconditiong on. Thats how I am now using in my automation to turn it on or off for the room of my son.

I had initially thought of also using the external temperature, but with a different functioning. my idea was to use the outside temperature to advise whether to open the windows instead of turning on the climate. and also use the external temperature sensor to warn if the internal temperature was different from the external one by x °c … but I was afraid that to distribute a blueprint it would be difficult to understand and set … if you think it is useful. … I can easily implement.


I would like to use a different sensor for the temp. My duscted air-con has the in-built sensor in the roof unit. On cold days it reads colder than the inside room temp and on hot days can be more than 10C higer than the actual room temp.

the blueprint was written to be as user friendly as possible and to exploit the native sensors in the climate unit. to use an external sensor you need to replace the attribute: current_temperature with your sensor.

What does this statement have to do with homeassistant? Here we are not talking about installation but about use.

question i use my patio door for window sensor. When i open my patio door my thermostat turns off which i love by the way. But when i close it. It does not turn back on.

Here is my yaml code:

alias: Summer Nighttime Thermostat
description: ""
  path: marco-hacs/automatic_air_conditioner.yaml
    language: English
    climate: climate.my_ecobee
    hvac_modes: cool
    window: binary_sensor.contact_sensor_patio
    notify_device: 6614c3368e1979eac968b4ca9eef7dcc
    start_time: "18:05:00"
    stop_time: "08:00:00"
    target_temperature_start: 21
    set_temperature_climate: 20
    target_temperature_stop: 15

This is great idea if you can do it please do. I want to have 2 temp sensor to control indoor temp and external temp. And to open windows or turn on AC. Your automation is great.

I’ve tried to use this blueprint, but it’s giving me an error:

Message malformed: Unknown device ‘False’, what is the problem?

What are the definitions of the seasons? It only states Summer and Winter?

Yes the division is only between summer and winter to differentiate the operation between hot and cold…

Unfortunately, you are giving me little information to be able to help you.


I’ve tried to fill in all information except windows sensor and water sensor (i don’t have or need these)…

When i save the automation i get: Message malformed: Unknown device ‘False


I guess it got problems when there’s no water or window sensor available? It would be nice if you can disable these?

I need to find two minutes to try again. From what I remember it was not a requirement, just leave the select in its original state. I will try to try it as soon as possible.

I guess it needed an device to push the notifications. I didn’t use this options. It’s working with a device :slight_smile:

So no operation in spring and autumn?