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Saw someone on twitter suggested Floorplan.
I’d like that one too.

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You mean the custom floorplan by @pkozul?
If so I can confirm it works great with hassio already…

You just need to create a www dir in your config dir. All the custom stuff goes in there.
Using the samba addon helps.

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I’ve received the suggestion multiple times already.

Agreed. Nevertheless, I could be a run-once add-on that does this for you?

Yes, but at top of this thread you want us to suggest things that is not in the poll, and i could not see anyone in this thread have suggested it before.

It’s a nice idea - I never really thought about using a run-once add-on to install. I will keep this in mind :slight_smile:
You’d need to be careful that running a second time by mistake does not trash modified files… and with floorplan there is likely to be modified files. Its not a simple as install the custom files and dropping in a SVG of the floorplan.

I already have logic for that kind of stuff, so that is not really a problem.

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Then I fully endorse your suggestion :slight_smile:

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I can’t seem to make my hass(dot)io installation of homeassistant work with alexa custom skill. The video by Ben at BRUH, indicates we need haaska which is not possible to install on the hass(dot)io flavor of homeassistant.

I’ve seen this really cool looking ‘add-on’ discussed here. I asked if it would work with Hass.IO as all the chat seems to revolve around Hassbian but no one has answered so I figured I’d put it here to see if it can be made into an actual Hass.IO add-on like these other ones above.

Looks great.
But have you tried the Configurator addon. For me this works very good

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Is it possible to get the Mysenors gateway component as an add-on for Hassio? I had my RPI3 running Home Assistant set up as a mysensor gateway. To install the gateway on the RPI i would follow: I have now moved to hassio and trying to get this set up again. I read on another topic that in order to get the mysensor gateway set up, would need to install via an add-on.
Thanks in advance!

Maybe add it as a suggestion to the repository?

I’m looking for a few weeks now to migrate to The issue I’ve is that I’m using some X10 devices with a CM11a controller. As far as I know I need the Heyu package to get this working.
I want to know if there is a addon with Heyu for Or another way to get the CM11a working with

@IvaP That sound more like something that has a higher chance of getting an answer if you created a separate topic for it (kinda specific question).

:tada: Add-on: IDE v0.1.0

A new add-on! Sorry, it is not on the list of requested add-ons, but it’s one I think a lot of you guys might appreciate!

This add-on will give you a full blown IDE in your Home Assistant web interface and allows you to edit every aspect of your setup with ease. It will provide you with the same experience of editing your configurations as if you’d use a combination of a desktop editor and Samba.

It is based on Cloud9 IDE, which is an online integrated development environment.
This is how it looks on your frontend:


  • Initial release :tada:

Since this is the first release of this add-on, I’m looking forward to your feedback!

WARNING: This add-on is a complex one and since this is the first release, there are undoubtedly bugs. Please report them on GitHub and I will get them fixed. :bug:

So, what is going to be the next add-on? :wink:


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