Using CATT

CATT? What’s that, sounds interesting?

cast all the things

super easy to use.

install = pip install catt

use = catt -d 'Kitchen display' cast_site ''
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Using catt does the touch control work?

I couldn’t get touch to work

of coarse. its just as responsive as my ipad. it updates immediatly too when something changes. the stream is suprisinly great. not choppy, if a car drives by i see it drive by not just a couple frames.

i also use compact header swipe. so i can swipe between tabs and that is smooth and responsive. ive also had these up for days…the cast stream doesnt stop until you kill it.

I made a short video but no idea how to share on here. I actually made a couple automations. I work from home so during the day I see quick controls calendar stuff like that. After 5 it changes to media controls an other things

its worked everytime for me. for the past 2+ weeks.

I also want to know what CATT is, pretty please?

i just remembered!!! you have to add your subnets to trusted networks in configuration.yaml

Just remembered. You have to have the trusted networks with your subnets in configuration. Yaml

Really? Try following the link.

Sorry, posted right after seeing the first reference…

@Klagio, did the above work and on what device are you using it with?

I am not sure how the configuration should look like as per your suggestion.

I casted from an Android 9 phone with chrome browser to a chromecast ultra: it casted perfectly (except for cameras, the stream did not cast), but I can’t scroll pages or “click/touch” on object (from the smartphone), maybe thats the usage. As is, its great for a lovelace visualization when there is no interaction.

you cant cast from a phone for this. you need to do from the cli of your homeassistant box. its two commands i posted at the beginning here. and then for touch to work you need to have this in your configuration yaml under ‘homeassistant’

    - type: trusted_networks

Not true, you can do it from any computer in your network, once you have installed catt on that computer.

true. thats how i do it, i was making it simple.

Yes some people need that, although it can’t be any simpler than the instructions on the github page. I despair at supposedly intelligent people who won’t read a simple howto.

I’m trying to play with catt and my Nest Hub and 2nd gen chromecast. Both devices are exhibiting roughly the same behavior. I’ll cast my 0.96.5 home assistant url, I can see the frontend header, with my custom theme color (a specific shade of green) begin to load, but then the screen goes black, with a small home assistant icon shown near the top, but slightly off-center. Then both devices seem to crash out to their default Chromecast ambient screens. The chromecast attached to the tv will also put up a “something went wrong” message briefly. I grabbed screenshots, although they’re not real interesting. There’s nothing I can see relevant in my HA logs or from catt output. I set up trusted networks and have tested it with a laptop browser, and I’ve also successfully cast several other websites of varying complexity.

HOWEVER, as I was writing this, I decided to try to cast the home assistant demo at, and it produces the same effect. Can anyone confirm this happens to them with the demo as well? If so, and if you are able to successfully cast your own instance, what version are you running?