WiFi doorbell

Hello all,

This has been asked a few times but haven’t really found the answer for me yet.
I would like to have a (payable) WiFi doorbell which can be integrated into Home Assistant.
Can anyone recommend one?

I would like to have a video stream and I’ve read that 2way audio is not supported with Home Assistant so it should be available via it’s own app as well.
I do want to add some automations with it (eg. turn the light outside on and send push notifications to phones) and would be nice to add the video feed to MotionEye say I can write video recordings to my fileserver.

I do not want to play around with a Pi or whatever, would like a ready to use video doorbell.

Have a look at this: Tip: interesting doorbell which seems to really work!

Hello @Nick4,

Thank you for your answer!
I have seen this video in the past and I liked it, but the doorbell costs about €200 (€120 on AliExpress and many weeks of waiting) which in my opinion is way too much for a doorbell.
Don’t get me wrong, I really liked your solution but I think it’s crazy a doorbell has to cost so much money :frowning:
I also would prefer the doorbell to have a wifi connection and run on batteries.

Again, thank you for your answer, seems you’re the only one with a solution but it’s just too expensive for me.

Hi Cris, of course I didn’t know what your idea of ‘payable’ means but just wanted to point you to that topic because I have seen A LOT of examples that don’t work.

One would think that nowadays it can not be that hard to produce a doorbell that is cheaper AND works well in every way.
I guess one part of the problem is whether you make it work over Wifi or not and what you want to use on the other side, being a doorstation, an app and if it has to be reached from outside the LAN: this makes it more complex

I once bumped into a DIY project with an ESP cam, which is of course VERY cheap but you have to get your hands dirty.
When you find something off the shelve that is cheap and works, you can make a lot of people happy by sharing it.

€ 25,48 35% Off | ANRAN Wireless Video IP Camera 1080P HD Outdoor Surveillance Security Camera Two Way Audio IR Bullet Wifi Camera Support Onvif

Cheap enough??

I’m using this together with Frenck’s smart doorbell
and it works like a charm…

(sorry for the mess…doing some rebuilding atm)

At nighttime i have it also detecting motion with Motioneye :yum:

Ahhh looks awesome!
Cheap enough indeed :rofl:

And if needed, I can still use the app it came with for 2 way audio :yum: