Guide for installing Inovelli devices in Home Assistant (OZWave v1.4)

Link to Github with files

The steps included in this post will allow you to add Inovelli devices to home assistant. This will bring over all zwave configuration options and properly name the devices.

1. Setup Home assistant to use custom zwave configurations.

  1. Go to the OpenZwave 1.4 repo and download the entire openzwave config directory. Click here for a direct link to the entire folder you need to download. If you want to download all the files in 1 shot, I recomend using the extension gitzip for chrome.

  2. Copy the files into your config folder. I placed the linked config folder and files into a folder named ozwave residing in the root directdory of your home assistant configuration. This guide will assume you do the same. The resulting path will be /config/ozwave/config/<company name folders & files>.

  3. Copy these files into the /config/ozwave/config/inovelli directory.

2. Edit manufacturer_specific.xml.

  1. Browse to /config/ozwave/config/ and edit the file named manufacturer_specific.xml.

  2. Inside manufacturer_specific.xml find (CTRL+F) Inovelli. You are specifically looking for a section that looks like this:

    You’re looking for a section named <Manufacturer id="031E" name="Inovelli">. You may stumble on a section named <Manufacturer id="0312" name="Inovelli">. Leave that alone.

    The section should look like this:

	<Manufacturer id="031E" name="Inovelli">

        Change the section to look like this:

	<Manufacturer id="031E" name="Inovelli">
		<Product type="0002" id="0001" name="LZW30-SN Switch Red Series" config="inovelli/lzw30-sn.xml"/>
		<Product type="0001" id="0001" name="LZW31-SN Dimmer Red Series" config="inovelli/lzw31-sn.xml"/>
		<Product type="0005" id="0001" name="LZW42 Multi-Color Bulb" config="inovelli/lzw42.xml"/>
		<Product type="0006" id="0001" name="LZW41 Multi-White Bulb" config="inovelli/lzw41.xml"/>
		<Product type="0007" id="0001" name="LZW40 Dimmable  Bulb" config="inovelli/lzw40.xml"/>

3. Edit configuration.yaml zwave section.

Now we need to point home assistant to the openzwave configuration we just created.

Inside configuration.yaml edit your zwave section to contain the config_path field with the following path /config/ozwave/config

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0
  config_path: /config/ozwave/config

4. Include your devices to the zwave network.

You may need to exclude your devices if they are already included. Once you include the devices back into the system. You should have access to all zwave configurations. After you include, heal your network and you’ll be good to go.

5. Device Specifics

RGB bulbs.

RGB bulbs for some reason do not gather the correct supported features. In order to gain access to white value, you’ll need to change the supported features.

Add the following to your customize section. You cannot add these values through the UI. It must be done through yaml files. See table below to get correct supported_features.

    supported_features: 177

You may have set up a separate file for customize.yaml. If so, the configuration would go in that file.


  customize: !include customize.yaml


  supported_features: 177
Bulb supported_features
LZW40 33
LZW41 161
LZW42 177

Found this, and thank you! Any chance you could add the black series dimmers/switches as well?

Edit, nevermind I took the files from Inovelli’s openzwave repo and added them manually and everything’s peachy. Thanks for the write-up. Very helpful!


By any chance would kindly elaborate on what exactly you did to get it working? I was thinking on picking up a few of these switches and your solution seems simpler than the original post. Many thanks!

It’s not simpler, he just used a different set of files used for step 1.2 1.3… Still had to go through this whole process.

Exactly, I just took the files from here as they had all of their switches, and they were the ones from the manufacturer. All the other steps remain the same.

Edit: sorry I did this a few days ago added the wrong switch by mistake thinking I’d added another and couldn’t figure out why one was working when the other should. But for anyone else not sure what to do next after re-installing the switch to the z-wave network:

Go to Configuration -> ZWave -> Select the Node you’d like to update and select one of the configuration parameters to adjust.

Thank you and @petro for elaborating! Will future HA updates break the switches?

Worked for me. No more updates coming to openzwave 1.4, so the release note to watch for is when 1.6 is supported in some way. Once that happens, changes will need to be made. These devices got added in 1.6, so most likely it will be just removing the line from configuration.yaml

1.6 isn’t getting supported. The new zwave integration will be stand alone and work as a add-on and link through mqtt. It should be released sometime soon but when that happens this guide will be obsolete.

:frowning: But what if you don’t have add-ons. How would one continue to use Z-Wave?

There will be instructions.

as @firstof9 said. There will be instructions. You’ll be able to run this package a number of different ways. The easiest will be an add-on with home assistant supervised. If you only run core, you’d go with a docker version or regular git installation.

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I was just asking about this on discord. Thanks @petro

I run the docker container on Ubuntu, hopefully they can get it nicely contained with a couple of containers or something, or all in one would be nice too

It’s already done, there are betas out there. This post contains alot of relevant info into trying out the beta.

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That thread scares me, guess it’s part of what we do using HA… Lots of issues, losing entity names, all your customizations, mqtt issues, etc… My network has 89 devices, it would take me a week to set it back up…

I do see the benefits of separation though…

Fun major release coming…

You shouldn’t have to set anything back up once there is an upgrade/update path. All the devices are stored in your zwave stick so they’ll stay in the network, if anything you might have to delete and rename some entities, which is minor and doesn’t require restarting HA to do.

I don’t know for certain, but it seems like the way things should play out.

That would be great, I’m sure it’s all just reading beta notes

Are there any supported_features for the light switches?

Not sure I understand your question