UK WIFI Smart Socket - Screwfix - Testing

Just a heads up folks found these new double smart sockets at Screwfix UK (Made by BG Electrical)

The app looks like it may be Tuya (Login ask for phone number/email)

Anyway going picking one up shortly, so will give feedback, at £20 for a double its neater and about the same price as a 2 smart plugs.

I saw this “British General Smart Home 13A 2-Gang SP Smart Socket White” and thought of you! screwfix smart socket


in my experience, wifi is less reliable than Z-Wave when it comes to home automation… I have just finished an exercise of replacing all my wifi sockets (around 15 or so) for Z-Wave ones… you can pick Up Z-Wave ones on ebay for around £12 each…

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I would be interested to know how you get on with this.
They look like they may be suitable for my purposes.

Had a play with it.

Tuyaconvert doesn’t work unfortunately :frowning:

Their native app works fine but no integration in HA.
The only way to expose the esp chip is by breaking off the earth terminal bar, which is crimped to the brass rings in the screw holes, so not best, but may tackle opening it up.

Will keep you posted.

So I opened one up, it says it is a broadlink chip

Don’t know if we can program that as easily as an esp.
It works quite well with the BG app and Google home.

Oh… I have exactly the opposite experience.

this is the manual for the chip - not sure if any guru’s on here could make it work with HA

Is there any more news on getting these to work with HA ?

have you tried taking the label off this chip? Might be an ESP underneth, they certainly look similar.


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At the very least, connect a USB-to-TTL cable to the RX0, TX0, and GND pins and see what you get. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s an ESP8266 for certain, much like a Wemos D1.

It’s in use at the moment but as far as I remember it has approximately a 20% smaller footprint than the esp8266 v12e that is on the wemos d1 mini. is for a slightly different variation, but the internals picture shows it is indeed a Broadlink ARM chip of some sort, so NOT an ESP at all.

WiFi IoT devices generally use UDP… That should tell you about the reliability… :slight_smile: Obviously if your devices use TCP/IP then that is another story… but depending on how tightly you control you LAN, I find it way more reliable to use a dedicated IoT protocol for IoT devices… but each to their own, with all the permutations and combinations of availalbe setup/devices etc etc, I am sure that if you ask 100 people, you will get 100 different answers… :slight_smile:

Hi there,
There has been some progress with these sockets
I was trying to integrate these with openHAB (Sorry guys…) and I came accross your thread here.
I found out that they use a broalink chip so I raised an issue here:

A kind soul ammended a branch to integrate the BG socket: Here:

There existed a broadlink to mqtt python script that has now been ammended to used these sockets:

And that work like a charm
Good luck

Back to openHAB now…


How are you getting on with these plugs? looking to buy some myself.
Do I need a Broadlink RM2/3?
Also do these sockets update their status to openHAB


You need broadlink2mqtt as above


I have 3 spares to sell. Make me an offer on a PM

After reading this thread, I picked up one of these sockets yesterday. Impressed, especially given the price. I’ve taken the stock HA broadlink component, incorporated the updated python-broadlink library, and extended it to support these sockets. I’ve not used this in anger yet (like I said, I only got the socket yesterday) but so far so good.

You can add this as a custom component to HA, and add switches directly without needing an MQTT bridge. Note; it polls every 30 seconds (default for the component), so if you use the switches on the socket there will be a delay before it’s reflected in HA.

When the python-broadlink library with the BG1 support is released to pip I’ll create a PR into HA so you won’t need a custom component :slight_smile: I can’t do that yet AFAIK because of the way HA installs libraries for components.

Here’s my custom component for in the meantime:


I’ve literally fitted one today and got annoyed with the thing, its well made from a genuine electrical company, its responsive, the wifi works in an area with iffy reception, and it wouldn’t work with HA really annoying.

Ill give your addon a go soon, thank you

…just saying… :slight_smile:

Not sure what I am doing wrong. Have downloaded and extracted from GitHub to my custom components folder but it doesn’t appear to be working. I don’t get the warning in the log of a custom component for broadlink. Anything I could be missing? Other custom components seem fine.