View All Option in History

The newest history section is very good but I think you should also put an option for view all history like what we used to get earlier.

I am suggesting this because there has been more than one instance that I found some issue with my devices while just browsing through history page. I was thus able to correct the device malfunctions. But in the new version, I have to individually search and find each entity, that would make the above mentioned advantage void.

Secondly the entity selection drop down includes entities that doesn’t have history enabled, so it is just making the selection process more cumbersome.

Have you tried this yet?

It is amazing at finding issues with home assistant. Really can’t sell it enough.

Don’t forget to vote for your own request.

I use watchman but it only reports the problems and entity issues at that point of time and more over it doesn’t use logic.

For example there is an motion sensor which at some interval misbehaves and gives erratic on and off and then comes back to normal functioning. This wont be detected as an issue in watchman. Only if we see such an erratic action, we can judge the sensor to be having some momentary issues. Glancing through a full page history like the past gives an opportunity for this.

Even if these sensors are used in automations, we may not be able to detect such momentary changes in sensor values as there may be for condition set for the state in automation trigger.


My search didn’t find your post, but I requested the exact same thing an hour ago! +1


I also vote for an “View all” option !
The new version of the history view is nice but removes an essential functionality at the same time.
I used the previous unfiltered view regularly to have an overview of what was too often happening or not at all, as well a detect any unnecessary entry to be filtered in the recorder.
It was a tremendously effective diagnostic tool.
In my opinion, this shouldn’t even be a feature request because we had it for ages, I consider this as a bug or at least a severe regression.
I hope we’ll get it back soon.


Hi All,

I’m also voting to have the history with all the available information like before the 2022.07 update (already voted, can I vote twice? :slight_smile: )

I miss the possibility of seeing all history entries like before. I used it to fine tune all the data that I wanted to record and fine tune the data I wanted to see. This keeps my rpi3 working without any effort and also saves the sdcard.

I really would like to have the possibility of showing everything possible in history like before this last update. I welcome the filter capability but I want to see all entries like before.

Forgot to mention, strange to find a feature request to have a well used “functionality” that was removed with a new update. But if it’s what takes to have it back, I will go with it.

Luis Sismeiro


for me and i think for almost all users view all was and is a mess!

Let me explain:
First of all I use a NUC11 with NVME SSD so you can imagine is very fast. Used default SQL DB with recorder 1s write all was fine except from time to time db got corrupted. While using default DB view history for me was a pain, had to wait long time to see all stats and if I selected longer time range then default one, god help us all.

Then I switched to MariaDB and everything was a bit better but this did not help much with speed of displaying all the history and again selecting 2 or 3 days as time range god help us, it was so slow that i can make myself a coffee and still not done.

I have put the proposal not to restore the all view history like the previous versions of HA but to put in an option to view all the entity history at once to the present history view tab. Making such a option doesn’t mean that the present system is bad or should be removed.

I have already explained the logic by which i have put in such a request.

I dont think that the wants of the majority(even if it is the case) should out weight the minority. This is just majoritarianism. This feature request post ensures that the wants of the minority is also represented. Besides that like me most of the users who have up voted this might not be an expert/advanced user but even so they all will have there own logic to upvote.

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Don’t get me wrong I also voted for this, just hoping here that someone will improve on it!


And it can be for sure if people don’t filter what they really need to see in history, there is a configuration capability already in place for that also exists for logging and recording to exclude what we don’t want do see/have. That’s why, like I explained, I fine tuned the recorder and excluded all the entity information that wasn’t relevant or completely useless and it will not show in history also.

Like it was mentioned not only by me, the history filter capability implemented in the latest 2022.7 release is very welcome and useful for everybody but it should have the option to show everything also.
I welcome and thank you for voting in this request, I hope more people do the same.

Like i already explained in other thread, implementation of wildcards would be way better. So, entering “%” would give you all entities, while entering “sensor.garage%” would display only all starting with entered info.

added my vote.
meanwhile you can do things like:

- title: History auto
  path: history-auto
  icon: mdi:history
  panel: true

    - type: entities
      title: History include all domains

        - entity: input_number.history_span

        - type: custom:config-template-card
            - input_number.history_span
            span: states['input_number.history_span'].state
            type: custom:auto-entities
              type: history-graph
              hours_to_show: ${span}
                style: |
                  ha-card {
                    box-shadow: none;
                    margin: 8px -16px 0px -16px;

                - domain: "*"

which does only show the recorded items (unlike the entity_selector…)

still trying to make it scroll, see 🔹 Card-mod - Add css styles to any lovelace card - #3438 by Mariusthvdb


I do like how the new option allows you to target what your looking for with faster load times while looking over a larger date range
but I also so want a full view still like we used to have

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Added my vote, “view all option” is so important to check recorded entities (especially with having a sd card)!


Definitely, the full view is needed.
Im using the current syntax in the config file in order to declare what entity i need to see and the order.
In this way the loading was very fast…

use_include_order: true

With the new version this is not yet possible. :frowning: :sweat_smile:
Waiting for the fix.
Thanks in advance

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Hi all, is there a chance of the All option in history being added in the next release? I really miss this to fine tune and optimize the entities I record in the database for better performance and keep the used space low.


Not sure if that’s an option for you, as it’s a custom card and not core, but the option to add all entities (and the use of wildcards) where just added to the latest version of history explorer card.


Hi, I was testing the card you suggested but didn’t know about the all possibility recently added, it’s useful for sure and it will help in the mean time. Thank you for that, excellent work.

For me one of the advantages of using the default history in HA is that when you fine tune the data that you want to be recorded, we can check that the entity doesn’t show data anymore and is not recorded anymore.

You mean you want to check if the recording of an entity you turned off really is off (or vice versa) ? That should work with any of the custom graphing cards too. It’s more a property of the underlying recorder component than of the history panel frontend. If an entity isn’t recorded anymore, it will just show a flatline on the graph from the moment the recording was turned off.

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There is also a GitHub discussion regarding this Add the option to see all entities in the History tab? · Discussion #13146 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub