Home timezone display in browser

I’m currently at a location 6 hours behind my home timezone.

Nearly all times showing the browser (graphs etc…, with the exception of sensor.time) are for my current local timezone (UTC +5) rather than my actual home timezone (UTC +11) where the HA server is located.

This is really confusing. “No, the alarm wasn’t armed at 1am, it was 7am, etc…”

Can the frontend be set to use the home timezone no matter where the client is located?

Totally agree. Have a vacation home 9h ahead and it takes cryptic math to figure out what is going on when. Local browser time has almost no meanings for a home entity that sits on another part of the globe.


For chrome there is a workaround that seems to work for displaying a home local to its timezone:

That extension allows you to change the timezone for any website you visit. You can setup the extension to only be active on your HA URL. It will only work on you PC/MAC and not on any mobile device, but its a start. It immediately makes it clear that home data really only makes sense in its home location time zone.


How do you make it work only for the HA URL? Seems to apply to all pages once I change it…

Just discovered this. Traveling for work, only 30 minute change in timezone but all my daily electricity cost values are completely skewed.

2022 WTH is here if you want to vote for it: WTH is ther no option for using the server timezone

Thank you for sharing the link. Although it feels wrong having to redo the votes for this. This is really a missing basic capability: Home Automation should always be Home Centric on times or none of the graphs, charts, metrics, alarms make any sense.

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I can’t say this any better then fxstein. If the developers don’t agree with this statement then please add an option for this.

I fully agree with fxstein: time should always be timezone of the HA server, not the timezone where you happen to be when accessing the server (via browser or HA Companion App)

Clock Weather Card resolved this by using HAs timezone offset which is exposed by default.

HA has a date_time integration which would serve the purpose here, but is not enabled by default. That seems a bit crazy, so surely there was a good reason not to have it enabled out of the box.

Great but that dees not help with this issue at all. It has no effect on the logbook or history graphs which is what this FR is about.

Sorry - I don’t think I communicated very well there. I was trying to make two points:

  1. If the display of times is based on the browser location then it must be using local JavaScript to get those times. This was resolved in the Weather Clock Card by using the timezone offset of the HA server to display the time at the server. Perhaps this approach can be used elsewhere the browser time is being used.

  2. It seems bonkers to use the client browser time to display things relating to the server, but that decision has been made and presumably wasn’t made without good reason. There is an existing way for HA to expose it’s time but that isn’t on by default or particularly well suited to resolving the problems across different integrations and UIs.

This has been released in 2023.7.

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Hurray for 2023.7, where I can set timezone per user

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Just getting around to traveling now and here is howto to setup this capability.

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