🚪 Closet, Pantry, and Cupboard Lighting

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.

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'Open Sesame’:magic_wand: Lighting Magic! :bulb::door:

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Version: 1.1 :fire:

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:newspaper: The Automation Process:

  • Trigger:
    • The trigger sensor is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with a door contact sensor but you can choose any binary sensors to trigger the automation.
    • When activated, a trigger sensor such as a door contact sensor will turn ON the lights and switches.
  • Light - Switches:
    • Enter any lights or switches that will be activated by the trigger sensor/s.
  • Light Control Options:
    • Utilize “Light Control” to adjust brightness, colour temperature, and transition times.
  • Timer Option:
    • You have the option to use a timer, which determines how long the lights remain ON after the trigger sensor is activated. It will then automatically turn OFF the ‘Lights - Switches’ when the timer expires.
  • Motion Sensor Option:
    • You have the option to use a motion sensor that will reset the timer. If the timer has turned OFF the lights and the trigger remains active, the motion sensor will turn the lights back ON when detecting motion.
  • HA Restart Safeguards:
    • Benefit from built-in safeguards for Home Assistant restarts.
  • Blueprint Integration:
    • Sensor Light - Motion activated lighting. Click Here to learn more.

:rocket: CHANGELOG

  • Version: 1.1 - 26 May-24 - Update to description to show labels are excluded.
  • Version: 1.0 - 2 March-24 - Initial release


:bulb: Sensor Light - Motion Sensor - Door Sensor - Sun Elevation - LUX Value - Scenes - Time
:infinity: Sensor Light Add On - Media & Movie Lights - House Alarm Lights - Smoke Alarm Lights & Exhaust Fans + More
:shower: Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan
:low_battery: Low Battery Notifications & Actions
:vibration_mode: Appliance Notifications & Actions - Washing Machine - Clothes Dryer - Dish Washer - ETC
:loudspeaker: Notifications & Announcements
:calendar: Calendar Notifications & Actions
:round_pushpin: State Notifications & Actions
:toilet: Toilet Exhaust Fan with time delay
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Entity - Run ON Timer
:stopwatch: Trigger - Run ON Timer
:gear: Turn Light, Switch or Scene On & Off with Trigger Conditions
:magic_wand: Manual light control with auto OFF
:timer_clock: Timer
:thermometer: Temperature Control Exhaust Fan
:snowflake: Temperature Control Exhaust Fan - Inverted
:eight_spoked_asterisk: Toggle Switch - Turn ON & OFF Entities
:nazar_amulet: Press Button - Turn ON & OFF Entities
:on: Switch - Turn ON & OFF Entities

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Q: How do I create a group helper?

A: Please Click Here

FAQ - Creating a Group

When using multiple trigger sensors or motion sensors, it’s advisable to group them together using a group helper. This ensures smoother automation execution and prevents conflicts.


  1. Go to Settings > Devices & Services > click on the “Helpers” tab > click “+ CREATE HELPER” and select “Group”.

  2. Select Binary sensor group.

  3. Then enter a name, in this example we put “Pantry Door Contact Sensor”. Then select your “Members” or entities (all of them that will be in the blueprint automation). Keep “Hide Members” and “All Entities” toggles OFF as shown below. Click submit.

  4. Your done :tada: Now you can use this group helper in your automation.


Blacky :grinning:

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Initial release 1.0

New blueprint :partying_face: Hope you like it :wink:

For all your closets, pantry, & cupboards, utilize the timer option and select a motion sensor for enhanced functionality. If you’re using my sensor light blueprint, the same motion sensor will keep the lights ON or turn them back ON as needed.

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Blacky :grinning:

Great automation and darn near perfect for my use case. Is there any chance of adding a nighttime option based on a time range? I have some closets that I want to have a dimmer light during the evening versus during the day.

That would make the automation perfect!

Nice one, glad you like it.

This is something that I would like to have as well. I will put it on the list.

Blacky :smiley:

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I am currently using your Sensor Light BP for my pantry light triggered by a door sensor.
What’s the intention for this BP?
What’s the difference between this BP and the Sensor Light BP?


Thanks for asking.

I will explain some use cases.

Pantry - Butlers Pantry etc.
Let say we are using the my sensor light blueprint to control the lights in the kitchen. We then have a pantry with some lights. We install a contact sensor on the pantry door.

Now we use this blueprint using the pantry contact sensor as the trigger. When the door opens the light turn ON and it will turn OFF in a given time delay, so we don’t need to close the door. When we close the door if the light is ON the light turns OFF. So we can see it works different to the Sensor light BP.

Easy, now lets take our automatons to the next level.

Let enable the ‘Motion Sensor Option’ and add our motion sensor we use in the kitchens sensor light BP automation. As we enter the kitchen our kitchen lights turn ON. We then start preparing meals etc. We open the pantry door and leave it open. The light stays ON now due to the motion sensor being active. We can go in and out of the pantry and the light is ON. Now we leave the kitchen, the kitchen lights are ON and the pantry lights are ON and the pantry door is open. The motion sensor clears turning OFF the kitchen lights and the pantry light. Nice. We come back into the kitchen and all the kitchen lights turn ON including the pantry lights. Nice. We then close the pantry door and the pantry lights turn OFF but the kitchen lights stay ON until we leave and the sensor light BP turns the kitchen lights OFF.

If we used the sensor light BP for this along with a contact sensor you would have to close the door for the light to turn OFF and all of the above scenarios would not work.

How many times do the kids/me open the pantry door and not close it? It keeps family peace as the lights always turn OFF even if you leave the door open not to mention it takes you house automation to the next level :wink:


Again same thing as above but in a bedroom. Sensor Light BP in the bedroom turns bedroom lights ON, open the closet doors (door contact sensor) and the light turn ON. Use the motion sensor option and you can walk out of the room with the closet doors open (contact sensor active) and all your light will turn OFF due to no motion in the room. Walk back into the room all lights back ON. Close the closet, closet light turn OFF.

How many times to the kids/me leave the closet doors open? Family peace, don’t need to keep telling the kids to close the closet doors :wink:

Hope this all makes scene and gives you a better understanding on why it was developed. Sensor Light BP can’t to this.

I also have a :magic_wand: Manual light control with auto OFF. This works with your lamps you manually turn ON if needed. It will then turn them OFF for you in a similar way as this PB but the trigger is different. Check it out as this to makes your automatons smarter.

Blacky :smiley:

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Thx, exactly what I needed with two teenagers in the house :slight_smile:

Yep this is exactly what it is for… household peace. Nice one thanks for your kind words.


New Update - Version 1.1

'Open Sesame’:magic_wand: Lighting Magic! :bulb::door:

Maintenance :toolbox:

  • Update the description in “Lights - Switches” to include the new option to select “labels”. The updated description should read:

    NOTE: Only entities can be used. Areas, devices, and labels are not supported.

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Blacky :grinning: