🧿 Push Button Relay - Contactor

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Version: 1.2

The most common automation used for a relay or contactor with a push button (press button). It has a “Normally Open” (NO) and a “Normally Closed” (NC) contacts controlled by a push button (press button) entity. You can add as many “Normally Open” and “Normally Closed” entities as you like.

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:newspaper: The Automation Process:

  • When you press the button it will turn ON the Normal Open contact and turn OFF the Normally Closed contact.
  • When you press the button again it will turn OFF the Normal Open contact and turn ON the Normally Closed contact.

:question: If you have a “switch” rather than a “push button” then I have a different blueprint called :on: Smart Relay - Contactor for this.

:rocket: CHANGELOG

Version: 1.2 - 30 Oct-22 update description and wording.
Version: 1.1 - 30 Oct-22 initial release


:bulb: Sensor Light - Motion Sensor - Door Sensor - Sun Elevation - LUX Value - Scenes - Time
:shower: Bathroom Humidity Exhaust Fan
:toilet: Toilet Exhaust Fan with time delay
:hourglass_flowing_sand: Entity - Run ON Timer
:gear: Turn Light, Switch or Scene On & Off with Trigger Conditions
:thermometer: Temperature Control Exhaust Fan
:snowflake: Temperature Control Exhaust Fan - Inverted
:stopwatch: Timer Relay - Run ON Timer
:on: Smart Relay - Contactor

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Q: What type of push button can I use?

A: The push button must have a state that goes ON/OFF in one press. When you press it again it will go ON/OFF again. If you have a switch that when your press it and the state goes ON, and then when you press it again the state goes OFF, then I have another blueprint called Smart Relay - Contactor. It works the same as this blueprint but the trigger is different.

Q: Can I put the same entity into the normally open & normally closed fields?

A: No, you must only choose one field, normally open or normally closed per entity.

Hi, thank you for your project, I’ve recently approached HA coming from Arduino Blynk and IFTTT, I’ve fully wired the house to automate everything and almost all my switches are with relays. Going back to your project, since I’m not fully prepared yet, can I better understand which entities I’ll have to insert to create a correct button? when i press the button it state ON, when i release it state OFF. What type of entity should I create?
Thank you!

@Andrewa I think the best way is to test it out on one switch first as it is hard to fully understand what and how you are doing it. This blueprint works like a relay but it not a relay. The push button switch is like you said, when you press it state is ON, when release it state OFF. The entity can be a switch or a light entity (anything) you would like to turn ON.

If you have physical relays then I would wire the switches to control the physical relay. Some relays will react to a push button and some you can switch.

Example: Shelly switches are relays and you can wire a switch to them.

Again it is very hard to understand what you are doing not knowing what you have done.